First Shanghai Maker Carnival

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XinCheJian on 88Bar

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XinCheJian on That's Shanghai: "New Frontier: Is this innovation ground zero?"

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“That’s Shanghai” with Gilbert on the cover. Untitled Untitled]]>

Hackerspaces at the China Mobile Developer Conference

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All the hackerspaces were invited to participate in the CSDN Mobile Developer Conference

Getting ready the night before

Hackerspace and open source hardware took the biggest booth at the show. It’s over 70 sqm.

IMG 1713


IMG 1715

3D Printer from Beijing Hackerspace

IMG 1718

ArduBlock on 70″ touch surface

IMG 1721

Pretty big event: over 2000 attendents

IMG 1720

Lots of visitors to the booth

IMG 1723


XinCheJian and Xilinx

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Kevin Xie from Xilinx (University Program Greater China manager) came by to visit XinCheJian last Sunday as he’s very interested in helping Hackerspaces in China. He sees Hackerspaces like XinCheJian as a potential opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they gain in university in real devices while inspiring them to do cool stuff. Xilinx programmable logic devices is what is powering many industrial strength devices and an important building block in any larger project. Xilinx offer capabilities that complement micro-controllers very well when continuous signal processing is needed. This could offer us interesting alternatives to real-time sensors data processing and actuators control in a very compact package. ]]>

Mitch Alman, inventor of TV-B-Gone

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Mitch Altman是美国著名的TV-B-Gone的发明者,TV-B-Gone是一个能在公共场所关闭任何电视的遥控钥匙串。Mitch是旧金山Noisebridge黑客空间的共创办人,是大脑机器(Brain Machine) 的创造者,也是Cornfield Electronics首席执行官。 Mitch在世界各地教导过焊锡和如何用微控制器做出很酷的项目。我们很幸运能邀请到Mitch Altman 4月17日来新车间教导大家!每个人都可以学习和享受亲手做电子项目的乐趣! 有兴趣参加的人请报名


XinCheJian opening hours

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[email protected] 发信息到Google邮件讨论组请寄邮件到 : [email protected] 关注我们 : 脸书, 微搏, 推特, 豆瓣 ]]>

Hacking Cool Things with Microcontrollers!

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Mitch Altman是美国著名的TV-B-Gone的发明者,TV-B-Gone是一个能在公共场所关闭任何电视的遥控钥匙串。Mitch是旧金山Noisebridge黑客空间的共创办人,是大脑机器(Brain Machine) 的创造者,也是Cornfield Electronics首席执行官。 Mitch在世界各地教导过焊锡和如何用微控制器做出很酷的项目。我们很幸运能邀请到Mitch Altman来新车间教导大家!每个人都可以学习和享受亲手做电子项目的乐趣! 演讲结束後, 有兴趣的人可以参加Mitch教授的工作坊: 想参加的人只需支付材料的费用,做完後还可以把您的酷项目带回家! * TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!) 材料费:130元 * Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!) 材料费:130元 有兴趣参加的人请报名


XinCheJian and The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge!

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element14.com提供的人民币5900元(约合900美元)赞助费作为购买零件(包括必需的微型控制器和便携式动力装置)的预算支出。 每家参赛的黑客空间都会收到10件焊接装置,而进入半决赛却未获得冠军的三家选手各将得到价值不低于人民币13000元(约合2000美元)的电子工具。获胜的参赛选手将获得价值在人民币36000元(约合5600美元)以上的Tektronix MSO2024示波器一台。作为额外奖励,进入半决赛的选手都将被邀请参加2011年度在加州举行的Maker Faire大展。 为迎合GGHC大赛宗旨,新车间将目光投向那些还在接受初等教育的孩子,希望让他们了解到通过合作以及打破传统思维从而解决问题的绝佳途径。这样寓教于娱乐的方式可以使孩子与学习的关系更为互动,并且鼓励了他们投入到更多样的挑战中去。 想要加入或是给我们的团队提供帮助?请致邮到[email protected]。 想联系大赛组织者请致邮[email protected]。]]>

Hackerspace in Shanghai: Our Maker Neighbors

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XinCheJian’s Neighborhood

I have recently been asked quite a lot of questions about hackerspace, hacker culture and impact of hackerspace in China. This has gotten me starting to think a lot about what it means to run a hackerspace. I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and find anything that’s related to makers. The following pictures are shops with in 500 meters of our new location in Anhua Lu. It’s a typical Shanghai neighborhood and quite interestingly how many maker related shops are around us.

Welding on the street

Bike modding? The guy is attaching a new rack to the back of the bike to carry more goods.

IMG 0373

Window Frame Maker

They got good collection of aluminum windows frame and can cut it to any size we want.

IMG 0376

Glass shop

IMG 0377

Cotton Shop

This is a surprise fouind.

IMG 0378

Lock Smith

IMG 0374

Hardware Store

Quite a collection of home improvement materials

IMG 0379

Home Appliance Repair

Also sell used home appliances. Will for treasure hunt one of these days.

IMG 0380


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