Joint Wednesday Night with iTalk: ex-CEO of Foxconn Terry Cheng on “Innovation from Long Tail, Startups from Makers"

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程老今年61岁,92到97年在北京任惠普总裁 ,97年到2007年任德州仪器亚洲区总裁,2007年到2012年任富士康集团副总裁。在过去的一年中,研究了全球创客发展生态,而由于其之前几十年一直是大公司的职业经理人身份,所以他对创客发展的观点更偏向于从战略和使命层面来看。这对于目前的国内创客发展情况来看,更值得去从价值观上进行学习。


考虑到这次对这个演讲的热烈兴趣,这个开放夜将在新车间附近的湖南社区文化中心的5楼多功能会议室举行 日期:12/11号周三 时间:晚上7点 地点: 乌鲁木齐中路164号,近安福路,5楼会议室, 湖南街道文化中心 NewImage Untitled



Helper sessions at Xinchejian

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  1. All questions welcome
  2. We all share and help each other
  3. Make & hack stuff – anything!

      …. one theme will be assistive devices as this covers a huge range of technology!

Anyone is free to suggest other themes! All languages are welcome. Proposed guidelines
  • Display “Helper sessions” welcome sign – so people know were to come (don’t be shy !)
  • Setup at one table/area – with chairs and clean workspace.
  • Noisy discussions should move to another area, so main group can continue.
  • Share and document – let other people know if you had a good time, or learnt something (or not)
    • Ask for wiki account and how to use the wiki!
  • You need to be a member

These sessions are intended to extend the always great help available at anytime at Xinchejian 🙂

Aim is to fit in between formal workshop Xinchejian learning and to give some relief to Xinchejian regular members as they often spend most of their time helping others. THANKS for all the interest and support after Wednesday nights talk! When:- Trial Thursday from 7:30 starting from 11th July. If any interest we can try other times, including weekends. Where:- At Xinchejian Cost:- Free, but members only (100RMB per month, cheaper for longer periods) Links – Early draft pages have been started on the wiki:- Helper Sessions    Assistive Devices These will be added to in coming days and weeks. Note “Helper sessions” is a draft name – fits in with Maker, hacker, and also fits in with assistive technology. Any better suggestions?]]>

Portraits of Makers: Stephany Xu

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Stephany Xu

Portraits of Makers

1)你是谁? 我是Stephany徐。

2)你是从事什么的? 我从事零售设计和开发。

3)什么激励了你? 个人追逐他们的情感激励了我,还有那些高效与优雅的设计或系统。

4)什么吸引你来到新车间/你喜欢新车间哪个方面? 我感觉在新车间非常的悠闲自在,每个人都有发自内心的激情并且总是正处于做一些有趣的东西和相互进行帮助。

5)你想要做些什么/完成/学习/分享一些什么经验? 我想创造或建立一些可以和大家分享的东西。我也想建造一个巨大的含羞草植物(灵敏度高的)机器人。

6)假如你只能分享一件事情给大家,你想分享什么? 我希望能和大家分享如何发现自身激情以及来自个人成长和收获的经验。

7)告诉我们一个秘密……你从来么有告诉过其他人的秘密? 令人惊叹的渲染参数设计会让我流泪。

8)谁是你的偶像? 我并没有一个特定的偶像,但我崇拜对事物有激情,不屈服任何社会或实践公约,拥有真正驾驭能力的人。他们表明会做他们所真正热爱的。

9)在创客方面你会怎样评价自己?(或者书呆子假如你是这样的) 我是一个中庸的创客或书呆子,我可以说如果10分是满分的话我可以有5分,我可以把我自己放在最好的队伍中,这是一种对我而言学习更多事情的途径。而我只是一个有兴趣爱好的女孩子。


Portraits of Makers

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Working with Shanghai Strobist, we have produced portraits of makers in XinCheJian. We will introduce each of the makers in the following posts. Here are preview of the portraits.

MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of Makers Portraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of Makers

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