Meet Your Makers: Rockets

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Battle of 3D Printers

Both Lucio and Rockets are working on 3D Printers.


Meet Your Makers: Lucio

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Brazilian, Lawyer, MBA, and ex-executive, turned his life on its head, sold his house and bought a sailboat, crossed the Atlantic twice and lived for a year with his wife, three kids and dog at sea, sailing along the coast of Brazil and through the Caribbean Islands. Loves sailing, cycling, movies, practicing Kung Fu and cooking.

Now living in Shanghai, joined the Shanghai Hackspace (XinCheJian) and built the space’s first working DIY 3Dprinter from scratch.





Photography by Lumi and Postprocessed by David

Meet Your Makers: IHan

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Who are you?

Hey y’all, my name is IHan, the geek wannabe. I’m an interaction designer and an amateur cook. You’ll see me in Xinchejian a lot, mainly baking cookies and making Mojitos, not exactly high tech… but one day, it’ll be cookies with edible health monitoring chips and Mojitos with blood alcohol level reader straws;)

Why are you member of of XinCheJian?

I admire people who can make things and I hope if I hang out with the cool gang a lot, I might be able to be just as cool one day;)
People are very generous and open here. I’m always inspired to see how XCJ is pushing science and technology to the general public. Shanghai is very lucky to have this group of people and this space, and I’d love to see more people joining the force.
Also, I love the culture in XCJ. At work, everything is designed for a reason, so the “making for the sake of making” attitude in XCJ is very liberating.


Photo by Lumi