Making ghost photos with long exposure and flash

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What’s a night hanging out at the pop up hackerspace in Xu Jia Hui without some long exposure and flash fun! Lumi and David are both long time Strobist and can’t pass the chance to have some fun creating ghost photos while looking after the container.

How to make ghost photos?

The ghost photos are made with long exposure, in this case, f/20 and 5 second shutter, two flashes (one on the floor and one on the top of the container). The subjects ran into the positions, trigger the flash the manually with a remote and ran out of the frame. The flash froze the subject in place against the long exposure background and appear translucent.








Hacking YN460 flash with Arduino

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Strobist in the space

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A few of the space members are also members of Shanghai Strobist and we can’t help to hack the space to do some photo and video shoots.

Video for GGHC Video

IMG 0761

Glamour Shoot

IMG 0757



Beauty and Makerbot

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I shoot this a while back to promote Hackerspace but never get around to publish it. Strobist is the tinker of light and the hacker among photographers.

Some strobist setup info here:

- SB-600 inside the makerbot
- SB-800 on shoot-through umbrella to the camera right

Beauty and Makerbot

Beauty and Makerbot

Beauty and Makerbot


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