MITERS (MIT Electronics Research Society) at XCJ

January 6th, 2012 Comments Off on MITERS (MIT Electronics Research Society) at XCJ

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming four students from MIT last Saturday. You can check out the blogs of two of them: Nancy Ouyang, Cathy Wu. These students were on a self-funded, personal visit to China where they visited a number of factories and Chinese makerspaces/hackerspaces. They are members of MITERS, a 30 years old student club at MIT.

Originally founded as a club to give MIT students free and open access to computers, MITERS now features a mill, lathe, band saws, welders, and other hands-on tools, in addition to a host of oscilliscopes, high-end soldering irons, and other EE prototyping tools. It’s a member-run creative haven and build-anything-you-want, if-you-break-it,-fix-it space.

You can see a short documentary of MITERS on Youtube.

The event was very popular and we had a full house. The large audience included MIT alumni Benjamin Koo (and his assistant Jeadon Chen) in addition to a few students interested in opening hackerspaces-type organizations inside their own universities. Throughout their presentation they shared with us how they ran their space and what type of projects they did in addition to their impressions of China.

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