3月15日周三开放夜 | XinCheJian Open Night

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XinCheJian is a volunteer-run non-profit community. There’s no boss. You can be one of us if you’d like to help us keep the space running. We have a space manager Freda to help us and our members. If you have any questions, talk to her! Her’s phone number is :13817703471 . If you’d like to share your project on our Wednesday open house night, please send your Powerpoint to wednesday@xinchejian.com before Tuesday 19:00.



本周三晚开放夜 7:00 – 9:00,新车间开放夜,免费参加,无需预约!

This Wednesday Open Night from 19:00 to 21:00, free to attend, no need to sign up.

1.郭昊乐:  时尚可穿戴科技 | Lee:Project Wearable Tech

2.黄曾新:物理实验|Teacher huang: physics experiment



Saturday: 15:00,     Biolab

Meetups are free to members, need to sign up by sending Emails to freda@xinchejian.com. 兴趣小组免费对会员开放,需要提前发送邮件到freda@xinchejian.com


Friday: 19:00,     Drone team

Meetups are free to members, need to sign up by sending Emails to freda@xinchejian.com. 兴趣小组免费对会员开放,需要提前发送邮件到freda@xinchejian.com

Workshops 工作坊

– 新车间小创客护照 | Xinchejian Junior Maker Passport

3月18日安排 | 18th March

9:00-12:00  |  RMB480 /per person (include kits)

3D快速产品原型设计,3d工业设计 | 3D rapid product  prototyping

13:00-15:00 | RMB:360/per person (not include kits)

Arduino机器人课程 |  Arduino Robot

15:00-17:00  RMB:360/per person (include kits)

集成电路板设计课程 |  PCB design workshop

3月19日安排 | 19th March

9:00-11:00 | RMB320 / per person (include kits)

无线充电课程|wireless machine workshop ,

13:30-16:30  RMB 880 / per person (include kits)

可穿戴设备|wearable tech workshop

16:30-17:30 | RMB 200 (include kits)

3D建模|3D modeling(5+ kids)


Join us, we need you! 欢迎加入我们!

Direction to XinCheJian HackerSpace


If you would like to be part of XinCheJian !


About Us

新车间是以社区方式运行的非营利创客空间,2011年成立于上海。新车间的使命是支持、创建并推广物理计算、开源硬件和物联网。为了达成这个目标,新车间会积 极举办讲座、研讨、项目、初创推广、工坊、竞赛,同时新车间也会参与国际竞赛。 我们的长期目标是在中国各地传播创客空间的理念以及推广创客的文化;期待你的加入和支持。

请点击 http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Xinchejian_Membership – 新车间会员 获得更多信息。

XinCheJian is a community-run hackerspace located in the heart of Shanghai. Our mission is to support technology projects through talks, discussions, projects, and competitions. We are a non-profit community-based organization, and your support is appreciated!

Find out more about being a Xinchejian member – http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Xinchejian_Membership.


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Friday, September 19, 2014 18:30 – 21:00 PM to Sunday, September 21, 2014
上海静安)上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间
立即报名 Register

XinCheJian will host a Crossover Hackathon!
Thanks to a proliferation of inexpensive SBCs (Single Board Computers), such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and an amazing array of easy-to-use sensors and actuators, the lines between programming and hardware are blurring fast. Even if you know nothing at all about hardware, you can get started in minutes and make a leap from the virtual to the physical. Along the way, you can help demonstrate why XinCheJian persists today: the vision that things can work together with open source and skills sharing. Join us to make simple hardware easy and complicated hardware possible, even if you are not an engineer.
The hack-a-thon will kick off on September 19th from 18:30 – 21:00pm at XinCheJian and run from 9am on September 20th – 17:00pm on September 21st. The finalists in each theme will pitch their concept at kickoff. The winners are eligible to receive valuable prizes.
Hackathon Event Dates and Details
• September 20th, 2014 – concept development and hacking
• September 21, 2014- Hacking and Finalist presentations, judging and awards ceremony from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.
• Teams will be offered some pre-selected hardware and components.
• Finalist presentations to the panel are limited to 15 minutes.
Rules and Guidelines:
• Max 5 people on each team
• All IP belongs to team or individual
• Create a quality powerpoint presentation and/or product demo
• Participants will have 10 minutes to present and a 5 minute Q&A
Judging Criteria: Scored 1-5 and weighed
• Access to experts for product, idea validation, finalization of product, and presentation advice.
• Networking
• Winner of each theme will receive valuable prizes and chance to represent XinCheJian at Makers Carnival.
And more…
** Registration Deadline: 5pm on September 13th, 2014.

Hack-a-weekend PM2.5

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Hack-a-weekend PM2.5


This weekend Valentin wanted to do a little hack-a-weekend as a surprise, he had ordered parts throughout the week and unveiled the weekend plan on wednesday to a few people, what he wanted to do was represent the PM2.5 data we’ve all heard about in some fun way. His initial idea involved those push button dolls that collapse when you press them from the bottom.

So with all the different PM2.5 sensors he could find the challenge began saturday. first was how do these things work! not exactly rocket science but they do mean looking up the datasheets to get the schematics and a little trial and error. then it was deciding what form it should take, perhaps a representation of a tree would be ideal! so with 3d printed parts the tree was assembled with rubber bands, unfortunately both the bands and 3d printed parts just were not working very well.

IMG_20130526_180103The 3d printed parts were scrapped in favor of Ping Pong balls just because we had (100’s) left over from a little prank on Lucio’s locker, and string!

IMG_20130526_235609Finally the little thing was built, hooked into the pachube/cosm/xively (or what ever you want to call yourself today) and data is starting to flow, we also had built a 2nd one so we can contrast the information and see which one is accurate to whats being captured (outside) just 800m from us at the US embassy in Shanghai.

so without further a-du meet the tree! well its version 1 of the tree sitting on top of burty, so we can spend some time understanding it’s readings before making a permanent one with the choosen sensor.

if you’re looking for the data, you can find it here, we’re not stating any facts and not guaranteeing the data either as we have nothing to calibrate against: https://xively.com/feeds/135383882

the code can be found on https://github.com/xinchejian/pm2.5-arduino

The pm25-tree is the data from the tree using a seeedstudio dust sensor – which doesn’t seem to be there accurate, where as the pm25 is test data from a sharp sensor which so far is accurate but blowing smoke across it did not change it where as the seeedstudio one did change, only time will tell.

stay tuned for more from Valentin

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