Introduction to PCB Design July 11 / PCB电路板设计入门 7月11号

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间
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Learn the basics of designing your own PCB, you can use free tools such as EagleCAD (freemium) or kicad (opensource). For this we’ll use EagleCAD first learn how to layout the schemetrics and then move into the layout tool and layout your very first PCB.
We will design and Layout our very own Micro controller called “Annoying ATTron” using the ATTiny85 which is compatible with Arduino Core with a few addons but just 6 pins to play with and no external crystal needed. we’ll also use autoroute for the routing quickly, and you dont like it, no problem, on your own time after the workshop you’ll be able to handroute.
We’ll use 0805 SMD components as much as possible because drilling holes just suck!
it’s ideal for both kids and adults without programming or electrical knowledge.

Time: July 11th 2pm – 5pm (3hours)
(The workshop will be conducted mostly in English, and will provide basic Chinese translation if needed.)
What you must prepare:
1. Download EagleCAD and activate the freemium version:
2. Bring your computer and yourself 🙂
Fee: 300RMB; XinCheJian members enjoy reduced fee at 200RMB.

AutoCAD基础工作坊 | AutoCAD Beginners Workshop – July 04/July 11

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间
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Session 1
1. Introduce AutoCAD for Mac
2. Designing a closet with AutoCAD for Mac
Having Mac computer, or interested to learn designing with Mac.

Session 2
1. Applications of AutoCAD
2. 2D drawings and modification
3. Layout/design
4. 3D modeling

Do you want to make things?

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some tools

XinFab CNCXinCheJian members get free access to a large range of electronic and workshop tools and also cheap access to parts and through a co-operation with XinFab you can also pay for access to CNC, Laser cutter and a whole lot more.

Workshops are run on a wide range of topics and when there are enough requests, this also includes an introduction the to Machine Room and also how to use the CNC and laser cutter.

To help members begin to learn how to CNC, a draft guide has been started here. You can practice at home!

This guide also gives good skills for learning how to laser cut and some for 3D printing.

Members are also encouraged to help add more guides and improve the existing ones.

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