[Upcoming Workshops | 工作坊预告] InsectBot and Arduino

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Insectbot Workshop (English) on November 16 2:00 PM


Introduction to Arduino (English) on November 17 2:00 PM


Upcoming Workshop-Processing & Grasshopper

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Architect & Professor Biayna Bogosian from Columbia University will be giving two workshops this coming weekend.

July 13/Crowd Simulation in PROCESSING: Originally developed for computational media design and interaction education, Processing platform is arguably the easiest programming language to learn and experiment code-based digital media design. This workshop will introduce focused use of Processing in order to simulate crowd behavior using real-time or simulated data.

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July 14/Motion Tracking in GRASSHOPPER: Originally developed as a plug-in for Rhinoceros, one of the most versatile 3D NURBS modeling software in the market today, Grasshopper (GH) is a generative design tool that has been supported with a wide array of add-ons developed by an international community of programmers. During this workshop, students will have a quick introduction to the software environment of Rhino and GH and then we will focus quickly to specific add-ons developed for GH, such as Firefly to capture, translate and abstract movement using web-cam, smart-phones or Kinect into 3D geometry and visual images.

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*20% discount if you sign up for both workshops. (400 rmb in total)

BioPrinting, a new wave?

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On June 22nd, XinCheJian & Swissnex China are bringing you:

Workshop and Panel Discussion on 3D Printing and BioMaterials


The new industrial revolution – 3D printing, is rapidly becoming accessible to anyone and everyone.  But with the growing revolution in 3D printing comes growing waste. How can we build integrated system solutions that favor recycling and sustainable, compostable materials (biomaterials) that still fulfill all the technical requirements to be used at the large-scale?

Join a diverse panel of experts to tackle questions of sustainability and ethics in the 3D printing revolution.

This event kicks off our forum on biomaterials and 3D printing. Discover innovations in 3D printing, biomimicry, and sustainable materials with experts and entrepreneurs, and interact with the creative makers and artists.

Time & Date
22 June, Saturday
Workshop: 9:00 – 16:30
Panel Discussion: 18:00 – 21:00

Room A301, Sino-French Center, Tongji University
Siping Road 1239, Shanghai

Workshop on 3D printing and BioMaterials:
By invitation only, please send your CV and brief introduction to the contacts below if you would like to join the workshop.
Ms. Yiwen SUN: yiwen.sun@swissnexchina.org
Ms. Lan XIAO: lan.xiao@swissnexchina.org

Panel Discussion:
Public event, limited seats, please click here to register!

Panel Discussion
18:00 – 19:00 Buffet
19:00 – 19:10 Welcome Word
19:10 – 19:40 Speaker Presentations
19:40 – 20:20 Panel Discussion / Questions & Answers
20:20 – 21:00 Networking
*Workshop details will be sent to the confirmed participants individually.

Co-organizer/ Moderator:
Mr. Christian Haeuselmann
Christian Haeuselmann is an innovation-driven Swiss economist and serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the Cleantech sector, both with startups and global organizations. Today he lives in San Diego, California, developing strategic partnerships between Swiss and US Cleantech entrepreneurs as the co-founder of swisscleantech, the leading business association driving innovation and sustainable policy development in Switzerland.

Prof. Chengtao WANG 
Vice Director of the Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine (ERCDM),
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr. Qing LIU
CEO of 3D Biotek, LLC
Mr. Zhong FAN 
Lecturer, Design & Innovation College, Expert on 3D printing & Design

*More information on the speakers will be soon available on our website: www.swissenxchina.org

Wednesday Meetup @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 22/05/2013

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It’s time to stop procrastinating on your projects and get to it and do it! just Make it attitude will go a long way. given that it’s soon to be so hot in shanghai, it’s good to work in a cool and cooled environment.

Announcements this week:

  1. Ladies, it’s your turn, sign up for 3months at XinCheJian and get 1 month for free, starting.. now
  2. sign up for the basics of Character Animation and learn the tricks that Pixar and Disney used to create some of the most long running cartoons to date.
  3. Movie night this friday: Moulin Rouge – 730pm

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

  1. Paul – sha256({Human})
  2. Enno – Character Animation
  3. More..

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

  1. Paul will be demoing sha256({Human}), a talk he wanted to do at barcamp but was unable to make it this year, this uses face tracking and recognition using opensource tools
  2. Enno will give an introduction to the upcoming workshops this weekend at XinCheJian, A teacher, an Artist both in Design and Music, this is one cool cat!
  3. Ad-Hoc.. this could be you

DIY optical theremin

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Optical Theremin

Date:March 9th 2013(Saturday)

Time:10AM – 12PM

Workshop Content:

In this workshop, you will learn how to make your own optical theremin. Optical theremin designed by Meng Qi, is simple to build yet very versatile, using lights to play music tones, very easy to play and fits every setup.

First you will learn the basic principle of the circuit – how it can make different sounds. After that, you will learn how to solder and assemble the parts step by step. Once you’re finished, there you are in the world of sounds! Start exploring!

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