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网站: 邮件: [email protected] 微信号: xinchejian Google Groups 邮件列表: 加入邮件列表讨论请发空白邮件到 : [email protected] 讨论请发邮件到 : [email protected] 关注我们 : Facebook, Weibo, Twitter, Douban 地址:上海市黄浦区黄家阙路65号15层(惠德大厦 电梯上13层楼梯上15层) 交通: 地铁老西门站,8号线/10号线(7号口); 开门时间: 对外开放:周三晚上 7点-9点。非会员,其他时间想参观新车间,请前一天发邮件联系: [email protected]。感谢您的支持! Thanks for your interest in contacting Xinchejian!

What’s going on at Xinchejian?

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* Email: [email protected]

Xinchejian Address

XinCheJian has moved!

13/F, Huide Mansion, 65 Huangjiaque Road, Huangpu district, 200011, Shanghai, China

上海 上海市 黄浦区,黄家阙路65号惠德大厦13楼, 200011

Xinchejian Opening Hours

* Public: Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. * Members: Anytime. If you wish to visit us and you are not a member, please contact us 1 day before by email: [email protected].

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