Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kit (RMB300 per kit, shipping not included)

Components list:

– DFduino UNO board x 1
– USB cable x 1

[Electronic components]
– Resistors:100(1/4W)、220(1/4W)、470(1/4W)、1k(1/4W)、2.2K(1/4W)、4.7K(1/4W)、10k(1/4W)、22k(1/4W)、100k(1/4W)、330K(1 /4W)、1M(1/4W)
– Capacitors:100uF(16V)、10uF(16V)、1uF(50V)、100nF
– LEDs : Red (5mm)、Green (5mm)、Yellow (5mm)
– Transistors : 2N3904、2N3906、1N4007
– Buzzer: 5V
– Push switches
– Photoresistor
– Servo S3003 x 1
– Ultrasound sensor x 1

– Breadboards (big and small)
– Breadboard cables

If you’d like to buy the starter kit, you can either get it directly at XinCheJian or send email to [email protected] we can arrange to ship it to you. All profit will be used to support the community expenses. Thank you for your support!

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