Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kit (RMB300 per kit, shipping not included)

Components list:

– DFduino UNO board x 1
– USB cable x 1

[Electronic components]
– Resistors:100(1/4W)、220(1/4W)、470(1/4W)、1k(1/4W)、2.2K(1/4W)、4.7K(1/4W)、10k(1/4W)、22k(1/4W)、100k(1/4W)、330K(1 /4W)、1M(1/4W)
– Capacitors:100uF(16V)、10uF(16V)、1uF(50V)、100nF
– LEDs : Red (5mm)、Green (5mm)、Yellow (5mm)
– Transistors : 2N3904、2N3906、1N4007
– Buzzer: 5V
– Push switches
– Photoresistor
– Servo S3003 x 1
– Ultrasound sensor x 1

– Breadboards (big and small)
– Breadboard cables

If you’d like to buy the starter kit, you can either get it directly at XinCheJian or send email to we can arrange to ship it to you. All profit will be used to support the community expenses. Thank you for your support!

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