Digital logic and FPGA workshops

September 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

Understanding and mastering digital logic is a key part of becoming a better hacker. As part of getting better skills towards this, we’ve had our first FPGA workshop Sunday September 18th at XinCheJian. The workshop was given by Tinghui “Steven” WANG with the assistance of Qi “Kiki” Yao, both engineers from Digilent Inc. They demonstrated the power of FPGA through various demos such as a 720p real-time video hardware encoding and the FPGA acting as a Nintendo and executing the Super Mario ROM in addition to showing a large variety of FPGA-based projects. This was followed by step-by-step instructions to create and test our first few VHDL design using the Xilinx ISE WebPack FPGA design software. They’ve generously donated a Nexys3 Xilinx FPGA development board available for use to any interested XinCheJian member. Please refer to our initial XinCheJian Wiki page on our efforts to teach digital logic using 7400 ICs and FPGA. Feel free to add your own perspective to that documentation!]]>

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