Power Tool Safety

September 29th, 2011 § 0 comments

Power tools can be dangerous. Whether its the band saw cutting a finger or that hand held Dremel shooting a plastic shard at your eye, please treat power (and non-power) tools with respect. Don’t be afraid to use tools.  Attend training classes and practice using the tools.  Be aware of safety for yourself and others.  If someone is doing something unsafe, ask them to stop.  Ask questions if you’re unsure. Guidelines for using power tools at Xinchejian: 1. At least 2 people are present 2. The operator has received training in its use 3. The operator has permission to use the equipment Before using power tools be aware of: Personal: –  Wear protective gear – safety glasses, gloves, grounding strap –  Attitude/state – tired, drunk, emotional –  Potential Problems – long hair, loose clothes –  Knowledge – equipment operation, first aid, emergency cut-off switch location Surrounding: – Potential distractions – music, people – Potential dangers – falling items, being bumped, wet floor Equipment: – Knowledge – have proper training or experience, just ask – Right tool/adequate tool for the task – Equipment or tool well maintained?  Safe or effective to use? – What direction is debris/cut-off/sparks heading? – Locate emergency cut-off – Clean machines/area after use – Report damage or problems Plan: – Have a plan when using equipment.  What is the goal? – Plan the equipment usage – think through the actions, visualize the steps and backup steps – Think through potential problems and dangers

Stay focused and use common sense



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