XinCheJian Wednesday Meetup – 7-9pm – Free

October 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

This week at XinCheJian – Ricky and Min Lin have come home from their North American tour of hackerspaces – from DC to Montreal. Tonight catch up with Ricky as he shares their journey including the stop off for the 100yr Starship project.

This coming weekend is Robo-racing, best time to finish your autonomous robot is this evening (or Saturday before the race), race on Saturday is free to enter and free to watch, participants are asked to arrive at 1pm for setup, racing will start at 2pm loose.

For the lock picking research group, it’s time to grind your own picks, Michael has printed out the templates so come see and come do, it’s time to have your own tools of the trade.

EL Wire introduction, come see the coolest thing since sliced bread, Just in time for Halloween – readily available in shanghai, weave/thread/stick/sow this stuff into clothing to create futuristic attire.

Please remember that this is a free event, with no set format, if this will be your first time attending a Wednesday meetup start by introducing yourself to people and finding common interests.



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