Homemade arcade cabinet

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image image image

Lio just finished getting the wood plate for the joysticks and buttons. He’s showing off the hacked TV driven by a Commodore 64 to generate a mirror image that can be itself “projected” on a mirror. He still has some work to do to wire everything up and make the case nicer, but the hard part is over. Interesting factoid: the speaker at the right is hiding a broken piece of the mirror!


Hackerspaces at the China Mobile Developer Conference

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All the hackerspaces were invited to participate in the CSDN Mobile Developer Conference

Getting ready the night before

Hackerspace and open source hardware took the biggest booth at the show. It’s over 70 sqm.

IMG 1713


IMG 1715

3D Printer from Beijing Hackerspace

IMG 1718

ArduBlock on 70″ touch surface

IMG 1721

Pretty big event: over 2000 attendents

IMG 1720

Lots of visitors to the booth

IMG 1723


Test a new plant holder for aeroponic

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New Aeroponic box

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Just got a few of these new boxes measured 35cm x 46 cm x 15.5cm to build aeroponic.

The size of the interior can be well supplied by just one ultrasonic fogger fixed at the center of the bottom without supporting structure for floating. The fogger is submerged in 7 cm of water for maxima efficiency. This also holds good amount of water to have a stable temperature. The fogger does well filling the space above with fog.

Drill 3 cm holes on the cover with 7 cm spacing and transplant the lettuces.

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XinCheJian’s Mendel RepRap assembly

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Michael has brought all the parts to assemble a reprap. We just have to follow the assembly instructions for the Mendel model with the parts bought from BotMill. Alex has taken the lead on assembling with and has gotten to the point of assembling the outer frame with the help of Min Lin. Anyone else interested by 3d printing is invited to join in. We will work on it both this evening (Monday November 7th) and Wednesday evening (November 9th). Instructionals videos are available online…


A beautiful useless machine

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image image

…built by Edward. The simplest machine: when turned on, it turn itself off.


Intro to programming and Arduino

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This morning, we had two classes for the price of one: learning how to program (for non-programmers) and using the Arduino to interface with electronics. Given by Ricky and Paul with some help from Edward.

Documentation on our wiki and source on Github.

We’ll be redoing the same content in different combinations of Chinese/English and experienced programmers/non-programmers.


Improvised wire twister

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Lionello needed a twisted wire as an audio cable so he did what any good hacker would do: he made one! He used an old busted fan to turn the two wires into each other and voila: instead twisted wires!


Robot and Makerbot repairing

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image image image image

Photos of the open house today. Alex looking at the Makerbot, cutting a protoboard, repairing the Dirt Dog vacuum robot, Angie and some of the guys looking at getting a stepper motor to work.


Ziyun's interactive tree interview on City Weekend magazine

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