Shyu Lee and XinCheJian

December 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Shyu Lee introduces himself to XinCheJian and talks about his presentation on Saturday.
Dear Entrepreneurs and Dream Weavers,
I am Shyu Lee, a company starter in Shanghai. I resigned from my previous job and started an electrical design service. It looks Google+ is having an increasing level in my social life, as it recently connected Ricky in my “Circle” and made me know XinCheJian. I feel so excited to know a big group of people here are doing innovative work together, that after visited here last weekend, I decided to do all of my best to cooperate with you guys and realize the wildly new ideas. I used to be working for an American company plotting and designing wireless IC products, and I am also good hand on embedded system design. During this Saturday, I am going to come to XinCheJian’s space to introduce DS1000E, an ARM+FPGA development platform, with its,
  • 120 MHz, ARM Cortex-M3 based STM32F207 MCU of great power for controlling algorithms!
  • 1MByte On-Chip Flash, unleashes your ideas of programming!
  • 1MByte SRAM and 128MByte records whatever you want to collect!
  • Altera EP3C16 FPGA awesomely glued with STM32 MCU brings extensive real-time logic and I/O expansion!
  • 4.3” TFT LCD brings PSP feeling and a geeky keyboard!
  • DM9000 100Mbps Ethernet connects your system with Internet!
I am standing with this development for XinCheJian, answering your questions and helping with your applications! By the meanwhile, I will
  • Donate one of the DS1000E development platform to XinCheJian,
  • Answer the questions from your guys,
  • And have a discussion about the applications and projects in XinCheJian.
For the future time, as I have promised, I will be a volunteer in XinCheJian, start with,
  • Provide technical consultancy for designs with ARM, FPGA, analog, wireless, motor control and so on,
  • Help with identifying electrical components, give suggestion on purchasing, and provide discount information,
  • Actively join in the discussions of XinCheJian, help with the projects and contests,
  • Reply Emails of technical questions from senior members.
So, I’ll see you around!

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