Make-something-Wednesdays @ XinCheJian – FREE – 7-9pm

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Wednesday talks Michael will be introducing the upcoming challenge to Spaghetti bridge in collaboration with Techyizu.. it’ll be interesting to see if they can build as good as they can talk. This week Friday 16th 6:30pm – late MakeSense is running a technology cook-off this Friday in Chinese and are looking for hackers, social entrepreneurs and designers to make a mess in the kitchen to produce some Michelin Star food.. Saturday 17th 9am – 4pm Processing – Intense course – 800RMB Learn processing from the Master himself, Raven will be teaching this class again, but this time it’s an intensive course to keep you on your toes. After 3 weeks you’ll be ready to rock & roll Sunday 18th 9am – 1pm Arduino workshop – By Paul and Ricky Learn the basics of Arduino Programming from Ricky followed up by Pauls hands on examples using what you learnt from Ricky. This will get you kick-started and launched into Arduino and hacking. You’ll need a starter kit to preform all the fun examples. You’ll also need to have the Arduino IDE running from if you’re not sure then come on Wednesday with your computer. Sign up here: Sunday 18th 2pm – 4pm Communication Between Max/Msp and Arduino – By Ziyun Peng Learn about how to integrate MAX/MSP with Arduino, this powerful toolkit will add the dimension of audio to your projects, offer you an alternative to link the digital sounds with the physical world. Learn from a leading sound artist. sign up here: From the Mailing list TheNelson is heading back to Shanghai for the winter Holidays, he’s setting up camp at XinCheJian and learning LISP over the holiday, so throw an email on the mailing list if you’re interested. Volunteer Jobs at XinCheJian As a Volunteer you’ll earn your membership, you’ll also be expected to join Tuesday Staff meetings from 7-9pm. Only apply if you’re serious. Without the generosity of the current volunteers, sharing tasks in their free time, it would be near impossible to keep xinchejian alive. Treasurer As the Treasurer you’ll be responsible for.. treasure. you need to have your own calculator and some experience with keeping records. the following are what you’ll need to handle on a monthly basis. – Income/Outgoing spread sheets – Look after the donation box – Organizes the rent and bills – Talks to founders for more money – Kind reminders to members to pay their membership dues Event Manager The Event manager will play a key roll in helping keep the space running and getting the correct information out there, this is a dedicated position and will take several hours per week online. This person needs to be compassionate but firm, well organized, able to follow up and personable making it easy for people to run workshops. – Schedules events within the space – Confirms events with people based on signups – Encourages and guides people to get content together to promote event – Handles external media for events (posting to media sites) – Posts events to the XinCheJian site Journalists A Journalist will be expected to write at least 1 article a week on a topic of whats going on inside XinCheJian, you pick a project and review it, can be a few hours an evening writing and a few hours in the day interviewing. – you’ll be given an account on – You will need a camera – English or Chinese – or both is encouraged – confident and outgoing – get as much information possible from people in the shortest amount of time.      ]]>


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