Wednesday @ XinCheJian – Free as in beer! 7-9pm

May 30th, 2012 § 0 comments

=Wednesday Presenters= Hector from DFrobots will be giving a short slideshow and talking about the San Franciso makerfaire with some of the coolest gadgets coming! Nick a student from Concordia International school will be showing off some of his projects and some stuff they are working on in their hackerspace over in Jin Qiao. Scott Ballantyne, a professional at beer drinking is looking at forming a “XinCheJian macro-brewery”, a group to produce homemade beer! that’s free as in beer, more news from him tonight. =Workshops= * 新车间小小创客游乐会 – XinCheJian Young Makers Open Day – 2012/06/02 XinCheJian will host a young makers open day on June 2nd, lots to see and do in this afternoon event, ending with spaghetti bridge, if you’d like to help out please let us know. more information is available here: * Processing视觉编程入门课程 – 2012/06/03 Raven is back at it again, by great demand and popularity we bring you processing in Chinese, sign up here: * 机器车竞赛 – Roboracing Competition – 2012/06/24 Ladies and Gentleman it’s time to start your engines, keep a lookout on the wiki page for the latest line follower course, if you havn’t already built a car, Now is the time, for reference the track line is 1″ wide (same thickness as electrical tape) – Sign up if you’re racing]]>

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