Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 06/06/2012

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=Wednesday Presenters= Rodolfo Cossovich from Rudy Bike Fame will be presenting Next Generation of Building Systems: Fab-Lab Compatibility, talking about hardware parts that are designed to be interconnected to construct different devices and their applications. With the onset of cheap laser cutters, 3d printing and free (as in beer) or opensource CAD software making it even easier for people to get started and making things often out of reach, rethinking and rebuilding a huge industry from the ground up, from education in maths, sciences, designs, user skills and manufacturing processes with resources available at the touch of a button, do you build once or build to modify? it’s a presentation you should not miss. Jim Hotary director of Eastworks Innovation Center of Faurecia will be speaking tonight about how they get down with R&D to create compelling user experiences, most of what they do is closed door but we’ve convinced him to share, he’ll be talking about SmartFit the ergonomic app for your phone that adjusts your seat to the correct position for your body.  ]]>

Young Makers Open Day pictures

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Young Makers Open Day

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June 2 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm a specially organized children’s carnival, the Shanghai youngsters can share in the magic of building things! This “Young Makers Open Day” you’ll be able to see all kinds of fun we’ve had at XinCheJian in the last year, come see chopsticks the robot, see the crazy mousetrap, play with conductive dough, see the magic cap line patrol car, children’s programming software,  DFRobot presents their bomb disposal game with many many more things to see and do, you can also chat with some of the people behind XinCheJian and meet like minded people. We’ve also prepared a few workshops to get you started , “Soldering Workshop”, “ultra-light clay Workshop”. XinCheJian along with the great people from Techyizhu will also be preparing the spaghetti bridge challenge – a classic project, that teaches team building skills, builds character, introduces problem solving challenges and is also a fun competition to take part in. Parents are welcome to join in and will be expected to get their hands dirty, you’ll also learn something new. We Believe that participating in this event will bring a good deal of fun, education and allow everyone to explore. For more information and questions please use website or find us on新车间Due to space limit, please register online using the form below. Children’s Carnival: June 2, 1:00 to 5:00 XinCheJian address: 2nd Floor, 1035 Changle Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai (corner Wulumuqi Rd) Transportation: we recommend you the best public transport to participate in our activities, you can get off in Changshu Rd., Rail Transit Line 7 or line 1, about 10 minutes walk) or you can use line 10 and exit at Shanghai Library (15 minutes) ]]>

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