3D Printing Workshop – 9.1.kickoff

September 1st, 2013 § 8 comments

3D Printing Michael Peng will host a series of workshops on 3D printing, to make ideas real. We will start from the basic knowledge, brainstorming, design with 3D model software, and finish with 3D printing your ideas. September 1, 2pm, xinchejian, Workshop Kickoff Michael will show us from a small project, scan an daily object, toy, cups, etc… or a body part, finger, ear, ankle…and use the data to design a new object, and PRINT! He will also show the basic knowledge of 3D printing, its’ beginning, development and the future. Brainstorm, what can we do, what knowledge and tools should we have. Cross discipline collaboration and cool ideas. Workshops Study: 3 or 4 weekend of nights Learn how to use a pritner, what is STL file, which software can be used for 3D modeling Learn how to use Rhino and Grasshopper. 3Ds MAX & Sketchup. Processing, notes, arduino. Make your Own: 4 to 6 weekend of weeknights Workshop will based on students’ personal projects. We will use the 3D scanning, printing and software knowledge we learned, to make individual projects: toys, jewellery, models, interactive projects, robots…. final review Instructor: Michael Peng Architect, Gensler Architect Firm, Asia Tech Director Founder of DADA – Chinese Architecture Forum, Mathematical architecture design Found of DigiInt Michael has taught in Hong Kong University, School of architecture in Shanghai, Digital Media lab. His research is focusing on the collaboration of  forward thinking mathematical technology and design. He has been invited to lecture in many different universities and international forums. Michael is responsible for the design and building of the tallest building in China now – the 632 meter Shanghai Center. As the core member of this project, Michael used the innovative mathematical design platform to systematically improve the overall design.]]>

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