Promoting Makers on the street

September 29th, 2013 § 6 comments

Maker Carnival on the container hackerspace currently in front Grand Gateway in Xujiahui, Shanghai. This being the one of the busiest intersections in Shanghai, we have attract a lot of interested and meet interesting people. Thanks for the volunteers from our space, Make+ and DFRobot.

Busy event

DSC 2488

Make+ and brain matter!

DSC 2473

Firefly from Make+

DSC 2516 DSC 2546

The Snake Robot steals the show

DSC 2528

The kids can’t get enough of the snake

DSC 2479 DSC 2518 DSC 2520 DSC 2534 DSC 2537

Beauties and snake… That’s how men got into trouble in the first place? 🙂

DSC 2522

Mr. Wen built the snake and explain to visitors about it

DSC 2540

Boys and robots

DSC 2466 DSC 2526

People are still trying to figure out this 3D printing thing…

DSC 2462 DSC 2503 DSC 2511 DSC 2513

Boys and Sumo Robots




Indeed, 3D printing will not only attract man…

IMG_3607 IMG_3591 IMG_3608

Prime location in Xujiahui. Crowded place with many people stopping at the container.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583

Volunteers got a personal photo with two beautiful girls


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