Solidworks workshop for beginners – June 29th

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Costing 报名参加 Register 现场支付250元,网上支付200元。 200RMB pay online, 250RMB pay at door. 时间: 6月29号星期天10:00 – 12:00. Time: 10am-12am, June 29th, 2014. 本工作坊专为想学solidworks的小白们准备!时间为6月的其中一个星期天。报名人满即开讲! 工作坊中你会学习从一根简单的线开始设计成一个3D物体,并可以尝试现场使用3D打印机打印出来! This is a 2 hour workshop for people who would like to learn how to design a 3D object from scratch. No previous experience or knowledge about solidworks required. The workshop will be held on one of the Sundays in June, as soon as maximum attendee limit is reached. In this workshop, you will learn to design with Solidworks from a simple line to a complete 3D object, which can be printed out with 3D printers directly! SolidWorks 利用强大的新工具和增强功能拓展创新,可缩短您的设计过程,增强协作,并无限制地提高设计工作效率。 强大的新功能和节省时间的快捷方式可增加设计输出 改进的用户界面和简化的流程步骤可帮助您更快地完成工作 更快的系统响应速度和自动化流程使您能够专注于设计 强大的可视化和逼真的产品体验让协作更简单 经过生产验证的集成式解决方案可帮助拓展您的业务机会 SolidWorks Expand innovation with powerful new tools and enhancements that shorten your design process, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity for design without limits. Powerful new features and time-saving shortcuts increase design output Improved user interface and simplified process steps help you get work done faster Faster system response and automated processes keep you focused on design Powerful visuals and lifelike product experiences make it easier to collaborate Integrated production-proven solutions help expand your business opportunities]]>

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