Spagetti bridge competition 意大利面桥梁赛

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IMAG0150 Register 报名参加 Date: Saturday July 12 @ 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 日期:7月12号星期六下午1点-5点。 Location: XinCheJian, F1 of building 3, No. 28 East Yuyuan Road 地点:新车间,愚园东路28号3号楼一楼西侧。 Fee: free for Members; RMB100 for nonmembers. 费用:会员免费,非会员100块。 Who among you can build the mightiest bridge? Who has the superior spaghetti engineering skills? For those of you brave enough, register to join the fun on Saturday July 12th! Form your own team or join one, and get ready to architect and construct a bridge made out of spaghetti. 你会建桥?还懂得工程技术?那你有没有勇气挑战一下用意大利面建造最坚固的桥梁呢?有胆你就来参加7月12号新车间的意大利面桥梁赛吧! Bridges have to be able to cross a 50 cm distance, and hold as much weight as possible. XinCheJian will provide you one box of spaghetti,glue guns, and glue. You provide the nerd power. BRIDGE REQUIREMENTS 我们给你面,你来把桥建!可是先别急,把面条做成桥不难,难的是这座桥是要达到一些要求的哦,比如承重等。要求来了: Free-standing (stands by itself) 稳定性:不依靠任何其他物体稳定站立; Span two level surfaces, 50 cm apart. 两个跨度,每个跨度至少50厘米; Incorporate the hook into its structure 挂钩要做成桥梁的一部分; Maximum vertical height is 40 cm 高度最多40厘米; Maximum vertical depth is 20 cm 宽度最多20厘米; SUGGESTIONS 建议 Make sure your hook in firmly in the bridge 吊钩做得尽量牢固; Make sure your bridge is long enough 桥身长度要足够长; Try to use all of your spaghetti 尽量多使用提供的面条; Decide on a design early 建造之前先考虑设计; *** PRIZES: ARDUINO kits will be given to the teams with the bridges that can support the most weight. *** 奖品:获胜的队伍将获得一套arduino套件。]]>


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