Meet Your Makers: Thomas TEMPE

December 7th, 2015 § 0 comments

thomas – Who are you? Thomas TEMPE; I’m from France. – What’s your job? Project manager in the automobile industry. – How and why did you start to learn hardware? When I was at 7, I got a computer then started learning Basic. As a teenager, I wanted to become a game developer. I go a diploma in computer science, but never actually got to work in that field. I did a few projects related to Open Source Software. A year ago, I bought an Arduino and started learning from Internet resources, as I usually do with software. Then I realized there was a hackerspace nearby! – What projects have you done? 1. I built a straw bale passive house in France. It had hundreds of visitors and even went on TV. 2. Initiated a Linux Users Group on my students campus. 3. Main developer of the Chinese Support add-on for Anki spaced repetition software (Python); Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Website: 4. Compass vibrator belt hardware project, for sensory substitution (based on Arduino/C, then I developed my own control board). I will be looking for beta-testers soon! – What attracts you to the space/what do you like about the space? Having a human community around similar values and interests. – How do you want the space to support you? 1. Having knowledgeable people who can give me advice in many different fields, including people running crowdfunding projects. 2. Having specialized equipment that I can’t easily have at home (soldering hot-air gun, drills, laser cutter, 3D printers…) 3. Organizing workshops (eg: PCB design, 3D design…) – Which part do you think the space can do better or missing? The space easily gets a little messy, and can take some cleaning-up. – Do you have suggestions for people who wants to build their own projects? RTFM, get your hands dirty, and find a community. ]]>


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