Project Spotlight: Monuments for Progress

October 15th, 2016 § 0 comments

Over a period of six months, architect/researcher Cédric Van Parys travelled to all the different corners of Shanghai, seeking the architectural landmarks that gloriously represent Shanghai’s breakneck progress since the early 1990’s. These urban centerpieces were located on top of the skyscrapers at the gravitational centerpoints of Shanghai’s rapidly expanding and merging districts. Climbing to the top of the numerous surrounding skyscrapers, he recorded (photographed and filmed) the crowns of each of these architectural landmarks. Working from Xinchejian, he has reproduced the landmarks into a series of associated prototypes. These 3D-printed physical scale models represent a radically different aesthetic perspective on Shanghai’s progress of the last decades. A first selection of the Monuments for Progress will be on show as part of the exhibition: Grain God’s Narrative at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel on the Bund – one of the city pavilions of the Shanghai Art Biennale. For more information, please visit:]]>


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