DIY GPS Assisted Foldable Drone Oct 22 | 自制带GPS的可折叠式四轴飞行器 10月22日

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 diygps_oct22_16 About the instructor/老师简介 : I am Andrew, been in Xinchejian for a couple years now, currently a college student and an entrepreneur. Over the years my experience with electronics have left a couple proud creations, such as laser gun, DIY drone, tesla coils, and etc.  A year ago I successfully crowd funded design project Eggie, “The worlds most advanced night light” this has given me ample of experiences in research and design,prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and etc. All of which you are very welcome to ask me. 大家好,我是Andrew。在新车间有几年了,我现在是大学生/创业家。之前的电子背景让我做出很多有意思的东西,我最近在kickstarter上成功的众筹了一个设计产品。所以关于研发,销售,生产都有很多经验。 Workshop description/工作坊介绍: Most DIY drones suffer the lack of function, looks, and usability.   Rendering them to be always considered atoy. This GPS assisted foldable drone allows, the builder to fully experience the joy of flight, with its GPS position hold feature it can stay in air even if you don’t touch the controller.  Its aesthetically designed body is made out of carbon fiber composites for light weight and durability. The smart foldable frame of allows the user to take it where ever they want.   If you are interested, please join the workshop and experience the joy of creating your own flying drone! 大多数DIY无人机经常受限于其功能性、美观,及可用性使得这些产品总是被看作是一个玩具。GPS定位系统和可折叠机架可以让创客充分体验飞行的乐趣,不用再担心偏移方向或者失控的可能,并且随着GPS定位系统的功能性加入可以使得无人机在空中的悬停可以完全脱离遥控器。机体外部碳纤维材料使得无人机更具美观性,更轻,更坚固及耐用。可折叠机身设计使得创客在携带无人机时更方便。 diygps2_oct22_16 Workshop structure: Hour 0: Explainingthe basic principles of the drone, such as its electronic systems, brief thephysics behind how it files. Introduce the parts provided by me, and explain what each component does. 解释基本的无人机规则,电子系统以及电子元器件。 Hour 1: Start ofthe assembly 开始组装 Hour2: Changing the settings and preparing drone for flight 调试无人机 Hour 3: Testflight, and further adjusting 试飞和调试   Requirement: Over the age of 15, or accompanied by a parent. Bring computer, must bewindows operating system 要带电脑和热情, 低于15岁需要家人陪同. 带电脑。   Price: Members and first 5 non-member: 3799 rmbfor the complete drone kit and lesson plan Non-member: 3999rmbfor the complete drone kit and lesson plan 会员和前五名非会员:全套套件和课程3799 人民币 非会员: 全套套件和课程 3999 人民币   Time/时间: 10/22/2016 9:00am   Disclaimer/免责声明: I am notresponsible for any illegal or misuse of the drone. Please follow allregulation and rules of drones in China. I am also not responsible for anyinjuries that results from the drone, I will however discuss the dangers andwhat to be aware of while starting and flying. This is not a toy! 此工作坊,首先要求在严格的使用方法和组装等必要的模型技术的前提条件下,对出现的任何问题,我们只负责飞机本身,除此之外所造成的其它任何损失和伤害不负责. Sign up: Send Email to [email protected] to tell her that you wanna make your own fabulous foldable drone! 报名请发送邮件到[email protected].]]>


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