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Android Open Accessory Development Kit.

Android3.1平台(也向下移植到了Android2.3.4)引进了Android Open Accessory support,这使得外部USB硬件(An Android USB accessory)能够与Android设备在一个特殊的“accessory”模式下互相通信。当一个Android设备在这个accessory模式下时,接入的硬件作为一个USB host(为总线供电以及枚举设备),而Android设备作为一个USB设备来使用。Android USB附件是特别设计的,用以附加在支持Android平台的硬件设备上并且遵守一个简单的附件协议(Android accessory protocol)使他们能够侦测支持附件模式的Android硬件设备。
工作坊是每周举行的(目前是英语教学)。我们将探索包括开发Android软件部分和单片机部分,涉及到的方面包括机器人的机械,电子以及软件工程学。 特别的,我们将一起研究那些兼容ADK的硬件开发板,比如Google IOIO boardSeeedstudio提供的新硬件。 付费的新车间会员可以免费参加。非会员需要支付50元/次。 更多的信息请查看“Android & Robots” wiki. 不要忘了做好准备工作以及加入我们的[email protected] mailing list!注意,这是一个需要大家合作的讨论会,我们希望每个人都能积极的参与和贡献自己的力量。


[GGHC] XinCheJian coming out of the depths of video streaming from Android!

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Ricky just make an update on his quest to streaming video from Android.

element14: XinCheJian GGHC: XinCheJian coming out of the depths of video streaming from Android!: “”


Hacking HaiPad

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posted a detail article on hacking HaiPad m701!

The M701 in itself is an example of hacking in China: here, hacking hardware that wasn’t thought to be workable together to achieve something close to a device that is much more expensive is not called a hobby but a full-time job! Like many others, the extremely low-cost of this 7 inch tablet is made out of a even lower cost chipset, the Telechips 8902. The Telechips was originally designed to fit high end automotive applications, not do tablets or robotics. This chipset powers a variety of similar devices: Augen Gentouch, Coby Kyros, HSG X5A, Haipad M701, Dawa D7, SmartQ v5/v7, Coby Kyros MID7005/MID7015, Imito iM7, Smartbook Surfer (Pictures) “Shanzhai” integrators prefer to keep their supply chain discreetly low-profile as they consider it their “secret” sauce. This is because in Shenzhen, manufacturers are in a race to produce a whole bunch and sell them before the local competitors do the same, often advertising capabilities of the underlying chipset that are actually unavailable to the user since unsupported by the OS.


Google releases Android robot libraries – DIY Drones

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Wow, this is pretty big news for us at Xinchejian. Google releases Android robot libraries. In China, we have access to the biggest variety of Android devices, all thanks to the Shanzhai industry.

(Via DIYDrone.)


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