#Aquaponic#: we have perfect water

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We just tested the water and it’s perfect. 7.0 in PH, no ammonia and nitrite and full of nitrate. Looking forward to seeing these grow!

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Location:Huashan Road,,China


#Aquaponics# Sun Shade Cover Up!

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Also, 100 earth worms are added to help process the organic matter in the system. Hope they can survive with constant ebb and flow. 🙂 IMG 3260 Finally, over 300 Chinese green, tomato, cucumbers, eggplants, and sun flowers are transplanted and we should be ready to harvest in about 4 weeks. IMG 3253
IMG 3256 The basils and chives transplanted into the system are growing amazingly. IMG 3257]]>

Aquaponic farm updated

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DSC 8549 DSC 8546 DSC 8589]]>

Tilapia from Guangxi

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Building Outdoor Aquaponic

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Small aquaponic indoor is fun and building big one outdoor is even better. These system is of two 500L fish tanks at the bottom and two 300L growing bed on top giving about 2 square meters growing space and capacity for about 50+ fishes. I am still trying to figure out how to get Tilapia in Shanghai but for now, carps will do. 😉

Planning with SketchUp


Actual installation

IMG 3062]]>

Aquaponic Update

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IMG 1726

IMG 1727

IMG 1728


Aquaponic update from Roger Mu

February 14th, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

Roger Mu who presented his home farm a few weeks ago just sent a few pictures to share. Some pretty nice tomatoes

01302012035 01302012038 01302012037]]>

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