Helper sessions at Xinchejian

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  1. All questions welcome
  2. We all share and help each other
  3. Make & hack stuff – anything!

      …. one theme will be assistive devices as this covers a huge range of technology!

Anyone is free to suggest other themes! All languages are welcome. Proposed guidelines
  • Display “Helper sessions” welcome sign – so people know were to come (don’t be shy !)
  • Setup at one table/area – with chairs and clean workspace.
  • Noisy discussions should move to another area, so main group can continue.
  • Share and document – let other people know if you had a good time, or learnt something (or not)
    • Ask for wiki account and how to use the wiki!
  • You need to be a member

These sessions are intended to extend the always great help available at anytime at Xinchejian 🙂

Aim is to fit in between formal workshop Xinchejian learning and to give some relief to Xinchejian regular members as they often spend most of their time helping others. THANKS for all the interest and support after Wednesday nights talk! When:- Trial Thursday from 7:30 starting from 11th July. If any interest we can try other times, including weekends. Where:- At Xinchejian Cost:- Free, but members only (100RMB per month, cheaper for longer periods) Links – Early draft pages have been started on the wiki:- Helper Sessions    Assistive Devices These will be added to in coming days and weeks. Note “Helper sessions” is a draft name – fits in with Maker, hacker, and also fits in with assistive technology. Any better suggestions?]]>

Make+ First Meetup

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Roboracing Competition – 2011/07/10

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比赛赢家: Nelson Zhang (自主瓦力) and Michael Liao (遥控坦克)
非常感谢 盛大创新院 赞助了2台电子书做为奖品!


感谢参赛者们的努力,你们是最棒的! 感谢盛大创新院慷慨的赞助! 感谢 TimeOut 杂志 报道这次的活动!感谢DFRobotRoboticFans 参与(尤其是叶琛Rocky)这次活动的筹备!感谢新单位帮忙做宣传!感谢昨天来围观的朋友们! 感谢那些没办法过来但是给我们精神支持的朋友们!感谢Andi 设计制作这次的活动海报与传单!感谢Paul 赞助海报印刷!感谢Bindy 帮忙翻译和贩卖饮料!感谢Michael 捐赠赢得的电子书作为下次的奖品和请参赛者们和饮料!感谢John 帮忙活动的筹备!感谢Airie 帮忙在人人网上做宣传!感谢旻琳负责整个活动的宣传、协调与筹备!感谢我们零距离家长论坛的j家长和孩子们的参观!



Roboracing Competition

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欢迎有兴趣的朋友来围观!这里报名。 比赛分为两个部分: * 自动控制组 * 遥控组 ==>比赛细则<== 如果你的机器车也想参加比赛,请写邮件到: [email protected] 有兴趣赞助这个比赛请写邮件到:[email protected] 这里有上次的车赛花絮. 已报名的队伍: Team 1: Lauren Pan (Toy car modification robot) Team 2: Barry Xu (DIY robot) Team 3: Daniel (2WD Mobile robot kit) Team 4: Zhang Chen (Andriod control HCR) Team 5: Jiang Gui Long/Wu Tao/Zhang Jie ( Android Control HCR) Team 6: Rockets (Tank mobile robot) Team 7: Unknown (LEGO mobile robot) Team 8: Ricky Ye (HCR robot) Team 9: Ricky Ng-Adam (Autonomous robot toy car – ART) Team 10: Lutz Michaelis (Autonomous Beetleduino) Team 11: Paul Adams (Hoverbot Hubert) Team 12: Nelson Zhang (Autonomous Wall-E) Team 13: Lionello Lunesu (LEGO mobile robot) Team 14: David Li (Soccerbot) ]]>

Shanghai Linux Users Group June Tech Meeting

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ARM交叉编译、Panda board介绍



Dorkbot Shanghai #4

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XinCheJian is proud to host Dorkbot Shangahi #4 on Sunday May 29th. Dorkbot is a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that sponsor grassroots meetings of artists, engineers, designers, scientists, inventors, and anyone else working under the very broad umbrella of electronic art. The dorkbot motto is “people doing strange things with electricity”.

There were 4 artists who presented their work:

Wu Juehui // Juehui is a New Media Artist. In recent years, Wu Juehui operates on the potential interface between art and science, between body and media in close collaboration with research institutes for neural engineering, automatic control and computer graphics.

Harald Haraldsson // Harald is the founder of Wonwei and presented some of their latest work, he also talked about how creative coding can be applied to computational design.

Wang Changcun // Media artist based in Hangzhou, with works exhibited in China, France, Netherlands and Belgium. He talked about his creative process using Max/MSP, Processing, and Flash.

Jingni Wang // Media artist based in Shanghai. She graduated from China Academy of Art, Intermedia Art Department and has completed artist residencies in Netherlands, Belgium, and China. Jingni Wang presented her wearable computing project called Lover’s Instrument. She also talked about social sustainability.

More pictures


Mitch Alman, inventor of TV-B-Gone

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Mitch Altman是美国著名的TV-B-Gone的发明者,TV-B-Gone是一个能在公共场所关闭任何电视的遥控钥匙串。Mitch是旧金山Noisebridge黑客空间的共创办人,是大脑机器(Brain Machine) 的创造者,也是Cornfield Electronics首席执行官。 Mitch在世界各地教导过焊锡和如何用微控制器做出很酷的项目。我们很幸运能邀请到Mitch Altman 4月17日来新车间教导大家!每个人都可以学习和享受亲手做电子项目的乐趣! 有兴趣参加的人请报名


Opening Speaker profiles: RoboPeak

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非常高兴上海 RoboPeak 机器人研发团队会在 3/26的活动 上为我们带来演说。非常期待。


RoboPeak是国内由一群软件工程师、电子工程师、新媒体艺术家所组成的机器人及相关技术领域的设计研发团队,团队于2009年底创建。 团队致力于民用机器人平台系统、机器人操作系统(ROS)以及相关设备的设计研发,并尝试将日新月异的机器人技术融入人们的日常生活与娱乐当中。同时,我们将尽力为机器人技术在开源硬件、开源软件社区的普及做出贡献。 团队在嵌入式系统、系统级软件/固件、图像识别等领域拥有丰富的经验,拥有独立设计,开发机器人操作系统、相关传感器设备硬件/固件的能力。


Rp intro 001

Rp intro 002

iPad 遥控

Rp intro 005


IDEO模式: 山寨设计是创新的开放平台 Shanzhai Design as an Open Platform for Business Innovation – Pattern from IDEO

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IDEO模式: 山寨设计是创新的开放平台 时间: 2011年元月二十二日,下午两点到五点 地点:徐汇区永嘉路50号新单位(近陕西南路) 费用:  30元/人 山寨是一个为草根创意阶级提供的开放式创新平台: 复制苹果, 诺基亚, 三星智能手机, 这些仿冒品由原产品改装而成同时加入了更吸引于中国消费者的设计. 山寨设计师为电子产品注入闪光点和关键元素. 其目的正是为了使产品在价格, 外观, 价值和用户需求上能接近普通消费人群. 山寨设计为国际公司向中国本土消费者介绍他们的品牌提供了一个机会, 他们也能借机观察中国本土文化如何作用于他们的产品, 如何相互磨合与适应. 这些公司怎样通过观察山寨设计来学习? IDEO 将分享他们对于这一重大领域的观点和方法学. 2:00pm 开放: 新单位CEO 刘妍介绍活动内容,演讲者, 来宾, 目标阐述 2:15pm 1. 山寨设计作为一种商业创新的开放平台- IDEO (15分钟) 2. 怎样山寨? -快速原型-IDEO-30分钟 -原型的工具 -Arduino – Flamingo EDA -20分钟 – Android –20分钟 -从原型到制作 – C2Tech –20分钟 4:30pm Android原型板以及工具的使用说明 参访新车间, 相互认识新朋友. Shanzhai Design as an Open Platform for Business Innovation – Pattern from IDEO Time: 14:00 – 17:00, Jan 22, 2011 Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd Cost: 30yuan/person Shanzhai is an open platform for grassroots innovation. Apple, Nokia, and Samsung smartphones get copied, but the knockoffs adapt the original designs in ways that appeal to Chinese customers. Shanzhai designers might add a flashlight, key in areas with unstable electricity. The effect is to make products accessible to common folks in terms of price, aesthetics, values, and needs. Shanzhai designs are an opportunity for international companies to introduce Chinese consumers to their brands, and then observe how local Chinese culture adapts their offerings. How might companies harness learning by observing Shanzhai designs? IDEO will share their perspectives and methodologies on these big questions for business. 2:00pm Opening: Introduce the event, speakers, guests and talk about the goals, by Liu Yan(xindanwei) 2:15pm 1.IDEO: “Shanzhai as an open platform for innovation” – 15 minutes 2.How to Shanzhai? – “Rapid prototyping” – IDEO – 30 minutes – Tool of prototyping – Arduino – Flamingo EDA – 20 minutes – Android – – 20 minutes -From prototype to production – C2Tech – 20 minutes 4:00pm Part Two: Android prototype boards and tools demonstration Followed by a visit to Xinchejian and networking ]]>

新车间开放日:休闲机器人的时代 Robot Contest Kick Off- Xin Che Jian Open House: the coming of entertainment robots

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新车间开放日:休闲机器人的时代 时间: 2011年元月十六日,下午一点到五点 地点:徐汇区永嘉路50号新单位(近陕西南路) 费用: 免费 随着数字零件价格的降低加上丰富的开源机器人软件,DIY机器人已经可以当做事一个假日的休闲活动。这次的新车间开放日我们将介绍几个会员DIY的机器人和介绍一个将要举办的积极人竞赛。如果你对机器人有兴趣,请在这个周日加入我们,一起了解现代机器人的发展,一起讨论如何玩机器人。如果有小孩的话,非常欢迎他们一起来参加这个的活动。 – 关于HC Robot – 关于A.R.T. 在这里注册 Robot Contest Kick Off- Xin Che Jian Open House: the coming of entertainment robots Time: 13:00 – 17:00, Jan 16, 2011 Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd Cost: Free, Open house Building robots is fun and building robots to race is doubling the fun! The era of robot building as hobby has come and we plan to celebrate the beginning of this era with a festive robot contest. At this Xin Che Jian open house, we will present a few home built robots and the plan for a contest for discussion. Come and see how you can get involved! If you are a parent, bring the kids! We are sure they will love the robots! Robots on site: – HC Robot: open source home help robots – A.R.T. Register for the event here]]>

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