Makerspace & Education Workshop

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Over the weekend, we hosted a “Makerspace & Education Workshop” in collaboration with IMA of NYU Shanghai. Thanks for Marianne Petit for arranging everything. More info and photos can be found here and here.

Opening by Marianne Petit

Marianne prepared her opening speech in Mandarin and delivered it beautifully!




Learning about assistive technology


XinCheJian and Makerspace by David Li


Make your own device by Huang Zhenxin

Teacher Huang is now a regular presentor of Wednesday open night in XinCheJian. He brought a lot of his home made devices. The photo is a wireless powered LED submerged in water. The power source is hacked from a electronic hot plate. Amazing ingenuity!

NewImage NewImage

Afternoon Workshops on Lasercutter by Vivian Xu, 3D printing by Marianne Petit, Arduino by Ricky Ye and Ardublock by David Li

NewImage NewImage NewImage NewImage NewImage

Xie Zuoru from Wenzhou presenting his STEAM class


Wu Junjie presented Edumaker


NYU IMA students presnted their mid-term projects

NewImage NewImage NewImage

Ding Xiaoyong presented classic Chinese architecture works


Chen Tong from SIVA presented his work on integrating folk craft into art school


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