Portraits of Makers: Edward Jiang

March 27th, 2012 § 0 comments

Portraits of Makers

Portraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of MakersPortraits of Makers
  1. Who are you?姜昊, a fat guy.
  2. What do you do?Full time web developer, part time hacker.
  3. What inspires you?People who do more stuff than what they say.
  4. What attracts you to the space/what do you like about the space?People who makes things, and things gets done. People help each other and exchange ideas.
  5. What do you want to do/accomplish/learn/share/experience?Make ideas into real physical thing. Knowing the path is totally different from walking the path.
  6. If there is only one thing you could share with people, what would it be?Food?
  7. Tell us a secret.. one you haven’t told anyone else?I am fatter than i look.
  8. Who’s your idol?André Tanguy
  9. Where would you rate yourself on a geeky slider? (or nerdy if you are that way)6?

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