Make Space Your Project!

October 8th, 2013 § 2 comments


  • 工作坊
    • 寻找有兴趣提供工作坊的会员和外界专家
    • 和工作坊讲师协调时间
    • 安排空间
    • 在邮递列表,微博,微信,QQ, Facebook, Twitter等推动和宣传工作坊
    • 寻找工作坊志愿者
  • 社区
    • 宣传和推广新车间
    • 传布空间的相关资料
    • 组织社区活动
    • 管理人才和人力需求的发布
  • 会员
    • 招募新会员
    • 组织每个月一次的新会员欢迎会
  • 社交媒体
    • Weibo
    • Wechat
    • QQ Group
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • 周三开放夜
    • 邀请演讲人
    • 把空间整理好
    • 主持开放夜活动
  • 预算和财务
    • 整理新车间的财务报告
    • 搜集和整理现金箱
    • 补充冰箱内的饮料
XinCheJian is a community run organization and thanks to the dedicated staff members that keep the space going for the past few years. XinCheJian has experienced rapid growth and we need more member to join the staffs to keep the space going. The fullowing is a list of tasks handled by the staffs. If you are interested in helping out in any of the area, please email to staffs with your contact info (cell phone, wechat and etc) with the task you’d like to help. The staffs meet regularly in XinCheJian on Tuesday night at 7 PM.
  • Workshop
    • find members and outside instructors interested in giving workshops
    • schedule the time of workshop with instructors
    • book the space
    • promote the workshop via mailing list, Weibo, Wechat, QQ, Facebook and etc
    • recruit volunteers to help out with the workshop
  • Community
    • advocate for the space
    • disseminate information
    • organize community events
    • manage job board
  • Membership
    • recruit new members
    • host monthly new member sessions
  • Social Media
    • Weibo
    • Wechat
    • QQ Group
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Wednesday Open Night
    • Looking for speakers
    • Make sure space is ready
    • Host the night
  • Budgeting
    • account consolidation
    • financial reports
    • stock the refrigerators

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