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Build your own X-Bot in Xinchejian If you want to support the X-Bot, buy a couple of them or just help to develop it further then please go to http://dreamore.cn/Project/Show/512 and see more details there.]]>

I'm a brave robot – Workshop @ XinCheJian – 1/20/2013

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brvrbt_workshop_00 brvrbt_workshop_01 brvrbt_03 brvrbt_workshop_04 ]]>

RoboRacing – Bragging rights

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Bragging rights, well deserved, the winner of this years Autonomous racing championship is EdwardRF with his entry XHD, a 10 second car that flew around the track, sticking like glue to the ground, nimble and hightech in one.

5 competitors competed for best time in time trials on the track for 2012, but only one would win. first up on the track was “Icecream Breaker” which unfortunately didn’t make it off the starting track.


The second contestant was Charlie “wallbanger” famed for it’s uncanny desire to hit every wall in the past, for this year it had an upgrade, 2 Sharp IR range sensors a powerful microservo, a high current motor driver all on top of an arduino nano built right into the original platform, he was no longer a wallbanger but a high powered racing car which clocked in at 7seconds in testing on the same course but different surface. Charlie set the time to beat at 14.62 seconds

XHD time to roll around, with a tough 14.62 seconds to beat, it started out on the track for 1 flawless lap, unfortunately the second lap was not as great, but it did clock in at 10.25seconds. this was the highest tech vehicle to race, PID controllers, wickedly expensive racing platform, 3 Sharp IR range sensors, 1 nano, 1 703n, 1 micro servo, 1 high power motor for the quad wheel drive-shaft with differential driving allowing it to take corners like no ones business.

With a little intermission Cherokey was ready to try again, this 4 wheel drive platform from dfrobot needed a little more time to work out the bugs but it was a great start, it could turn 360° on the spot! equipped with 4 Basic IR sensors, 4 powered wheel drive shaft and a nice base, unfortunately it’s fastest time on the track was 25.02 seconds with 1 collision making it 35.02 seconds.


With man behind the wheel in the only entrant into the User controlled group Stanley clocked in with Loader Shovel with 31.96 seconds, not a good start for human controlled. anyway he won by default.

Lio finally entered in with the Lone Ranger – unfortunately time and a new platform didn’t work out for him, it was a good show of walloping wall-banging!.

in winner takes all, EdwardRF took home the prize of 500rmb 🙂 congratulations to EdwardRF, if you would like to challenge him, make sure you have a 10 second car or you’ll be paying the price of loosing to the champion.


RoboRacing – Final Races for Bragging rights

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A few of us have gotten together to organize a Robo race on the 16th of December 2012 at 1pm, we’re racing autonomous, it’s purely for fun but also bragging rights for the end of the season. If you would like to join us to race (you can be a spectator but its more fun to join in) then sign up for the event, to enter Autonomous racing you’ll need to drop 100rmb into the robo racing box, the ultimate winner will take the winnings, if there is no winner, then the money goes into XinCheJian’s donation box.  We’re doing it for fun with a little incentive. If you would like to race a line follower please sign up, there is no prizes for that category and is free to enter (for now, but if you want an incentive then we can put an entry fee on this). Who knows, there might not be a robo racing season next year, so build and join in! 1: autonomous course – entry 100rmb winner takes all http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/RoboRacing (Challenge track) 2: line follower – entry ???rmb winner takes all? http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Analog_line_follower << track Register here: http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=156]]>

Robotics Spectacular at XinCheJian!

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Bring out your robots! We will have an evening dedicated to Robotics talks next Wednesday evening at XinCheJian (1035 Changle Rd, 2nd floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai, CHINA, 200031) from 19h00 to 21h00. Talks will be between 8 and 20 minutes each. You have a robot but no presentation? Feel free to demo it before and after the talks! Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer from the AI Lab at the University of Zurich will be talking about his work in robotics (such as Roboy) in a talk entitled “Embodied Intelligence”. Dr Pfeifer is the worldwide leader on how well designed intelligent bodies can dramatically reduce non-linear control complexity (“embodiment”) and the Deputy Director of the NCCR (National Competence Center for Research in Robotics) in Switzerland. Dr Ricky Ye (叶琛) and Rockets Xia (夏青) from DFRobot will bring and present a set of their commercial robots and how they’re approaching development of robots with OpenSource and OpenHardware. Spencer Featherstone and Edward Jiang (姜昊) will give an update on XinCheJian Swarm Robots. Our swarm robots placed second at the AFRON competition, just between Harvard and MIT! Rodolfo “Rudy” Cossovich will show off making robots with Multiplo, the robot building system. Rudy has just recently successfully completed a round of fundraising on Kickstarter for Multiplo. Announcement by Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力), translated to Chinese by Amaca Wang, revision by Min Lin Hsieh. Robot drawing by Kevin Chen.]]>

AFRON $10 robot challenge winners announced at World Maker Faire New York 2012

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1. Kilobot: Harvard, USA 2. SwarmRobot: China 3. SEG: MIT, USA 4. DiscBot: USA That’s Xinchejian in second place, behind Harvard University’s funded research group and ahead of the MIT University! Prize winning Xinchejian SwarmRobots Since entering the competition SwarmRobots we have been adding more capability including object detection, communication and wireless charging. If you would like to be part of Xinchejian or the SwarmRobots team, come to Xinchejian’s free Open Night, every Wednesday at 7:30PM to find out more or start with these videos!]]>

Swarm Robots Workshop and competition entry

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SwarmRobot workshop A successful workshop to build SwarmRobots with ten attendees was held last Saturday. There were some minor hiccups with part changes and delivery, but the batteries and chargers have now arrived. Workshop attendees can be collect these at the Wednesday Open night and presentation night or at Thursday nights SwarmRobot makers night, or by arrangement. The SwarmRobots have also been entered into a worldwide educational competition, see our entry here. SwarmRobot]]>

Swarm Robots

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You can make your own SwarmBot, easily code it via Arduino GUI, do more experiments like this one, take photos for competition, or help update the installation procedure. Swarm Robots is free fun for members! Membership is only 100Y per month! We could do also lots of fun stuff for Barcamp (September 8) and Shanghai MakerFair (November 2-4)! For example “show off” behaviours like follow the leader, find the “ball”, or draw pictures on floor. More ideas. Regular Meetup Thursday night from 7pm, Other times are DIY or arrange with others 🙂 Lots of info here!]]>

Campus Party Berlin

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Letsmakerobots.com looks quite busy and we really did build some robots from scratch there. We also got some robots to show off. I brought Chopstick Junior and ALF, the analog line follower (it’s selling good). Others brought a telepresence bot, 3D printer and simple fun bots. [caption id="attachment_3776" align="alignnone" width="300"]The nerd table The table looks familiar?[/caption]]]>

Swarm Robots reloaded

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