Unity3D入门 11月12日 | Intro to Unity 3D November 12th

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Huodongxing: 上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间

Alan is a Senior Solutions Architect at frog design. Normally he’s advising companies on software architecture and technology strategy, but at the weekends he’s busy writing games, prototypes and interactive art, these days using Unity. He’s been programming games for over 20 years.

What can Unity do?

Unity is used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites.

Unity3D是由Unity Technologies开发的一个让玩家轻松创建诸如三维视频游戏、建筑可视化、实时三维动画等类型互动内容的多平台的综合型游戏开发工具,是一个全面整合的专业游戏引擎。Unity类似于Director,Blender game engine, Virtools 或 Torque Game Builder等利用交互的图型化开发环境为首要方式的软件。其编辑器运行在Windows 和Mac OS X下,可发布游戏至Windows、Mac、Wii、iPhone、WebGL(需要HTML5)、Windows phone 8和Android平台。也可以利用Unity web player插件发布网页游戏,支持Mac和Windows的网页浏览。它的网页播放器也被Mac widgets所支持。很多游戏设计师,用Unity3D来设计VR游戏。

Workshop Description

During this 2.5 hour session, we will learn the basics of Unity by writing a simple physics-based game

Workshop structure 工作坊结构

1. Introduction

2. What is Unity and how it compares to other game engines

3. Unity fundamental concepts – Scenes and GameObjects

4. Game Physics

5. Your first script

6. Managing Game State

7. An overview of more advance Unity concepts (animation, lighting, particles)

This workshop can help you 工作坊能做什么

– know what Unity can be used for

– understand how to write a simple game

– understand where to go next on your path to writing games

In order to attend you should 工作坊准备:

– at least know what a for loop is

– installed Unity on a computer you bring with you – this is a hands on lesson

– download unity here: https://store.unity.com/download?ref=personal

The class will be taught in English only.

Time 时间:

November 12th, Saturday, 14:00 – 16:30

Location 地点:

XinCheJian, East Yuyuan Rd, Number 28, Building 3 (Near to Tongren Rd) / 愚园东路28号3号楼1层

Fee 费用:

XinCheJian member: 300/person

Non member: 350/person

Non member plus one month membership: 400/person

Project Spotlight: Hover Pen/Hover Train

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If you’ve seen any mysterious fog around XCJ lately, it’s likely not magic…or maybe it is?


Ivan suspends 100g with YCBO levitation

For the past two months, Sean Purser-Haskell and Ivan Tchekashkin have been developing practical demos to showcase superconductor technology. Using YBCO (Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide) cooled by liquid nitrogen to -196 degrees Celsius, they’re able to levitate magnetic materials. They’ve applied this special property to create what they call the “Hover Pen” – a white-board with a marker that writes on its own; and the “Hover Train” – a scale model transit system that suspends superconductor-enabled train cars with a magnetic rail.


From left to right: Maciej Dudek, Danny Kuo, Ivan Tchekashkin, Sean Purser-Haskell

At last Wednesday’s open house the team demonstrated the “Hover Pen” to a mesmerized crowd.


Although it’s easy to use YBCO to levitate small magnets in place – a simple physics demonstration – scaling this property is another story. You quickly encounter problems when asked to achieve a certain level of control, or to “levitate heavy things.” The duo have had to rely on more than just past education and work experience; they’ve had to consider plenty of electromagnetic theory and have frequently risked their fingers playing with magnets and liquid nitrogen.

Although they’ve focused most of their time on issues with superconductor technology, they recognize that putting together the whole system required a large base of knowledge – most gained from past projects at Xinchejian. And without the contributions of Maciej Dudek and Danny Kuo, the demos wouldn’t have their clean form or peripheral functions.

Their demos were showcased by a superconductor manufacturer at the China International Industry Fair this past week. Stop by Xinchejian and take a look at the (almost) finished products!

智能机械臂制造工作坊 11月5日 | Robot Arm Workshop November 5th

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屏幕快照 2016-07-20 上午9.56.22

1. 快速的制作一台机械臂
2. 体验梦想变成现实的成就感
3. 体验艺术创作的快乐
4. 增加想象力和创造力
5. 学会编程与控制
6. 通过创造来解决生活中遇到的实际问题



邮箱:[email protected]


2016年11月5日,6日 10:00 – 16:00


报名请发送邮件至[email protected]

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