Kin interview

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What else will be done? Kin plans to make a second version of his motion flight simulator. His second version will vary from the first in that it will have a 7 axis motion platform instead of the current 4. The current design only has 4 axis of freedom, one controlling the up and down movement, one for tilt, one for roll, and the bottom for the rotation. With the second design, it will include 3 new axis of freedom, a horizontal axis of freedom controlling left to right motion, one for the side to side movement, full degree of angle acceleration. The current also has a maximum tilt degree of 30 degrees. The new design has a maximum platform degree of over 60 degrees but for safety reasons, it will be capped at 60. This 7 axis motion platform will make the motion flight simulator more realistic. This new design is revolutionary because no one has incorporated all these components before. Version two will take approximately 4 months and Kin hopes it will be finished in November of 2016. He plans to have a workshop when finished and if people are interested, Kin would like to show have a “How to build a helicopter simulator” workshop but only if a lot of people are interested. After the completion of his version two, he will build a version 3 of his motion flight simulator which will take about 8 months after version two to complete. Kin expects it to be available around July of 2017. After version 3 and using the same concept and structural designs, Kin plans on building a robotic arm that can move as much as the human arm, up and down, rotating in every angle, and being able to push, pull, and lift. It will be able to go up and down while it rotates and up and down while it pushes. It can also stretch out and recompress. The most important quality of the robotic arm is that it will be able to lift a lot of weight. With the design that he has in mind, Kin expects the robotic arm to weigh about 60 kg, and stand about 400 mm. It should lift at least 40 kg and have 45 degrees of freedom on either side. The meaning of this application is that you can build very high precision applications with the robotic arm. Conventional robotic arm has all its connections on a gear box. The limit of the gear box, is very obvious and requires a lot of torque which is one downside. It is very difficult to give it precision when lifting heavy weights with conventional robotic arms Kin’s design takes that into consideration and is able to bypass the limit allowing his robotic arm to move and life very precisely. Kin has taught not only himself but 8 other students how to fly a helicopter with his simulation. They all have learned how to fly with 9 hours of land instructions, 1 hour on the flight simulator and 10 minutes with real helicopter flight. Kin still has many ideas and a lot more projects that he want to do in the future. He is a very resourceful and ambitious person. He seeks out knowledge by watching videos and going on Tao Bao and getting tips from the merchants on what parts to use and how to use it. He is very excited about the possibilities and applications of his innovations and hopes to help share his dream of flying to all those around him.]]>

从小白到冲上云霄 8月27日 | From zero to helicopter pilot August 27

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-08-23 下午3.16.00 报名参加 Sign Up 嘉宾简介 Kin是一个骨灰级的飞行爱好者,从一窍不通,到亲手打造专业级动态飞行模拟舱,突破多项技术瓶颈,并使用自己的模拟仓很好地掌握了直升机的各种操控技术,并且成功实现了自己飞的梦想,于2016年1月完成了他人生的首飞,不仅如此,作为新车间的一份子,经过模拟机训练的8位新车间会员也于8月6号完成了他们人生的首飞。Kin希望帮助更多人实现自己飞的梦想。 Kin made his full motion helicopter simulator at XinCheJian few months ago, through which he helped 8 XinCheJian members learn how to fly helicopter. August 6th, these 8 members accomplished their first helicopter flying experience after one months training. Now, Kin wishes to help even more people accomplish their flying dream. 工作坊结构 / Workshop strcuture 1. 固定翼与直升机 / Fixed wing and helicopter 2. 如何取得自己的飞行执照 / How to get helicopter flying license 3. 如何在美国自飞,“自飞在中国”与“自飞在美国”的区别 / The difference between flying helicopter in China and in the United States 4.飞行小镇,一种别样生活态度 / Fly through a village 5. Kin 的飞行模拟机 / The helicopter simulator made by Kin 日期 / Date 8月27日,周六,14:00-17:00 August 27, Saturday, 14:00 – 17:00 费用 / Fee 新车间会员¥240,非会员¥300 XinCheJian Member: 240; Nonmember: 300]]>

DIY Radio Control Car Workshop August 6th|自制无线电小车 8月6日

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-08-03 下午5.09.31 报名参加 Sign Up Time: August 6th, Saturday, 10:00 – 12:00 Personal Biography Rudi’s name is Rodolfo Cossovich. He started as a Design Engineer in Argentina and he currently teaches at NYU Shanghai “Intro to robotics” and “Animatronics”. He co-founded an Open Source Robot Building System ( and an educational company that provides services in the best international schools in Shanghai ( Workshop Description During this afternoon session, we will create cars that are radio controlled Workshop structure: 1. Introduction 2. Materials to use: recap on safety 3. Technology explanations: radio waves, motors & batteries 4. How to hot glue 5. How to solder 6. Obstacle tracks race! This workshop can help you: – awake interest in science in general – understand better how to use circuits – make your own radio control car Fee XinCheJian member: 400 (matrial included) XinCheJian non-member: 450 (matrial included) You can take the car back after the class. If you have any questions, you can choose to contact: WeChat:todocono email:[email protected] Telephone:18621393891 ]]>

Design your own Printed Circuit Board August 7

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-08-01 下午3.40.37 报名参加 Sign Up What’s a PCB? – it’s that thing inside all electronics that does all the electrical stuff. There comes a time in life where you want to make some complex projects tiny or customized or of a certain quality. The workshop will be run in English only and last about 4 hours through a structured flow. When? – August 7th, Sunday, 9:30 – 12:30 How much will it cost me? – How much are you willing to pay for a new skill? Remember, it’s an introduction – 450rmb if you’re a member, 550rmb if you’re not and you become a member for a month. I’m a newbie, should I do it? – Totally, its designed as a follow along program I’m not a newbie, should I do it? – Totally, if you’ve never done it before I’m a parent, can my child do it? – Totally, but you are expected to be there with your child and address any behavioral issues, if it cannot be, the risk is we ask you both to leave. The following topics will be covered: · Introduction to Eagle, file organization – 15minutes · Setup your first board, DRC and ERC – 10 minutes · Learn the interface and as many shortcuts as you can remember · Create your first Schema (reference provided) – 30 minutes · Create your first library using a reference sheet – 30 minutes · Layout your first board like playing Tetris! – 30 minutes · Route the traces both: manually and automatically – 30 minutes · Tips & Tricks – 15 minutes · Prepare files to send off for manufacturing (dirtypcbs) – 15 minutes We’ll adjust the timing according to the process of the attendees. What you need to do before arriving: 1. Install eagle from Cadsoft: Mac/Windows/Linux – 2. If you can open the software! register and pay so we know how many are coming. 3. Bring your computer with you on the day Challenges? – You will be challenged in both design and physical size! – there is a competition for this. What are we making again? – We’re going to be referencing the Annoying ATtiny85 circuit, a tiny little device you can stick anywhere around someone to annoy them over the course of a year on a single battery. What about a Follow on workshop? – Great idea, why don’t we send off one PCB to manufacture and make them 2 weeks later. ]]>

机械臂制造工作坊 8月6日| Learn how to make robot arm August 6th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-07-20 上午9.56.22 报名参加 Sign Up 时间: 8月6日, 13:30 – 16:30 个人简介: 吕翰林(Archarry)是“上海同济城市规划设计研究院–技术开发中心”参数化设计与研究团队成员,也是雅诗设计研究室的负责人,有多篇数字设计相关的论文发表,目前致力于开发让工作变得轻松高效率的计算平台。近期设立了“创客梦工厂”的系列工作坊,为普及创客文化增加创造乐趣而努力。 工作坊介绍: 您想动手制作一台神奇的机械手吗?它能够画画、递东西、和您做游戏,快来看看“创客梦工厂”中的神奇工具“机械手制作和编程”工具组吧,掌握了这套工具就能够制作出个性化的机械手了,是不是很有趣呢! 工作坊架构: 1,机械手未来发展的介绍 2,机械手结构介绍 3,机械手组装 4,个性化的外壳制作 5,编程与控制 此次工作坊能帮助您: ●快速的制作一台机械手 ●体验梦想变成现实的成就感 ●体验艺术创作的快乐 ●增加想象力和创造力 ●学会编程与控制 ●通过创造来解决生活中遇到的实际问题 值得期待的: 本次工作坊的目标是帮助热爱机械的您制作一台属于自己的机械手,通过编程和控制让它完成一些日常的工作,让我们像魔术师一样快乐的创造吧! 谁应该注册: 热爱电子和机械的您、活泼可爱对世界充满好奇的小朋友、对创客文化感兴趣的爱好者、想自己DIY一件智能产品送给亲人朋友的小伙伴,以及各个年龄段充满奇思妙想的朋友都适合参加本次工作坊,并且在动手创造的过程中将收获意想不到的喜悦和感动。 主讲人的联系方式: 如果有任何疑问可以选择一下几种联系方式与我取得联系 微信:archarry QQ:514248050 邮箱:[email protected] 电话:15601786625 费用(包含材料费): 新车间非会员: 700/人;新车间会员:650/人。 ]]>

New Intern Yu Liu

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New interns: Yu Liu (Right) Dooho (left) messing with the tools in Xinfab


Project|SENTIENT Short Film (2016)

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SENTIENT Short Film (2016) Directed by Matthieu Tondeur 16min indie short film produced and shot in Shanghai. Having secretly achieved sentience, an A.I. attempts to purposefully fail its Turing test. Screening at XinCheJian Hackerspace Shanghai on Wednesday 8th June. Watch the trailer here : The Short Film SENTIENT has been made with the efforts of 30 persons from 12 countries and 5 continents. It was entirely shot in Shanghai. SENTIENT was made by a passionate crew of engineers, stylist, actors, set designer, makeup artist and sound designers. We used Arduino based animatronic for control ADAM, the Artificial Intelligence and a RC Wifi remote to be able to make him follow the actor when they are chatting. Thanks to Lionello Lunesu from XCJ. Drones were also used thanks to Adel and Luke from Filmtechnix, To give a blockbuster feeling to some establishing shots. More photos on : 屏幕快照 2016-06-09 下午2.22.25 屏幕快照 2016-06-09 下午2.22.45 屏幕快照 2016-06-09 下午2.24.42]]>

机器人制作工作坊 6月19日|Build your Own Otto Robot June 19th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-06-07 下午3.19.21 报名参加 Sign Up Who is Otto? Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can make! What can Otto do? Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles Why Is Otto special? Otto is completely open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable, and with a social impact mission to create an inclusive environment for all kids. This is the opportunity to build and have your first robot. First there will be a little introduction about Otto and the team behind, Second you will receive one Otto DIY kit including all tools you need to make this biped robot. And lastly you will follow the assembly instructions and with the support of 2 members of the Otto team you would be able to finish your new Otto robot and play with it. The Otto Team CamiloHe has been more than 2 years in Shanghai as Industrial designer for Bestway inflatables, but he didn’t settle just for a job, his passion for robots and toys make him very curious about 3d printing and electronics so after playing around with robots at Xinchejian and other projects decided can create Otto an interactive robot that anyone can make! If you have any questions about this workshop or Otto, you can choose to contact me. WeChat:cparrapa email:[email protected] JavierHe has been more than 2 years in Shanghai as brand and graphic designer, initially worked for EF (education first), passing through Bestway inflatables, creating his own branding studio to currently working for “The Good Agency”, he like Otto concept so much because of the emotional attachment that is created after building your own robot instead of buy it; that he joined the Otto team as the branding manager and UI designer. Leigh-AnneShe has called the Greater China area home for over 20 years. Instrumental in the creation of Shanghai’s largest government social innovation initiative, founder of, she saw the potential of Otto as a social inclusive robot for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As key component for the project she has diverse international and local connections to nonprofit and social enterprise supporters and practitioners. Time: June 19th, Sunday, 13:30 – 16:00 Fee: Workshop: RMB 750; RMB 710 for XinCheJian Members. Includes one Otto DIY kit and all the tools to build it in 2-3 hours. No need technical knowledge, perfect for beginners and easy hackable for experts. Due small screws the workshops is recommend for 7+ years old, unless the children are accompanied by parents. ]]>

直升机飞行课程 6月18日|Helicopter Flying Workshop June 18th

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报名参加 Sign Up屏幕快照 2016-06-07 下午3.08.49 本次活动将帮助喜欢飞行的创客完整体验直升机飞行员的非凡视角。 活动由以下几部分组成 1. 直升机地面基础学习及模拟乘坐体验 (9课时飞行基础理论及地面训练+10分钟模拟舱乘坐体验) 2. 直升机动态模拟舱操控基本练习(1小时模拟机教练指导练习) 3. 直升机真机飞行体验 (10分钟驾驶G2直升机) 本次活动使用的模拟舱是由Kin 亲手打造的 美国斯瓦泽S300Cbi 动态飞行模拟器,经过专业直升机教练反复调校,尽可能接近真实飞行过程的感受和操纵体验,帮助学员建立首次真飞自信,很大程度降低了飞行的风险,也有效提高了首次体验飞行的操控感受,充分实现“自己飞”的梦想。 l 所有地面课程及教练指导由美国FAA认证的商照教员亲手执教,兼顾课程的趣味性及专业性。 l 真机飞行体验采用的是全球最新技术的轻型直升机法国产的G2, 飞行体验的地点在上海郊区(飞行时间根据天气情况定)。 l 地面基础课程大纲(合计9小时): 1. Intro to helicopter flight直升机飞行概论 3小时 1.1 直升机的种类及辨别 (著名直升飞机及构造特性介绍) 1.2 直升机的飞行原理 (升力、推力、旋翼……) 1.3 直升机性能描述(起飞重量、载荷、悬停高度……) 1.4 直升机故障描述(仪表失效、引擎失效、尾桨失效……) 1.5 如何成为直升机飞行员(前提条件、考照过程、职业生涯……) 2. Basic maneuver (VFR)直升机基本操作(目视飞行) 3小时 2.1 直升机的操作原理(总距杆、周期变距杆、脚舵) 2.2 直升机的基本机械构造及原理(操控系统、动力系统、传动系统) 2.3 直升机飞行动作基本操作 2.31直升机飞行动作的描述 (前飞、转弯、悬停……) 2.32 周期变距杆的操作(推杆加速、带杆消速、转弯) 2.33 脚舵的操作(反扭矩操作、悬停转弯、脚舵修调、偏航) 2.34 总距杆的操作 (起飞、降落、地效、转弯总距补偿) 2.4 直升机飞行及仪表应用 2.41 直升机仪表识别及读数练习(空速表、高度表、罗盘……) 2.42 起飞离场仪表应用 2.43 航线过程仪表应用 2.44 降落进场仪表应用 3. Communication & procedure 通讯与操作流程 3小时 3.1 直升机的通讯系统(语音系统、无线电语音系统、无线电应答系统) 3.2 直升机的巡航(航图、导航系统) 3.3 机场设施及运行规范(跑道、滑行道、停机坪) 3.4 塔台对话及操练(起飞请求,降落请求) 3.5 直升机飞行前检查及开机程序 3.6 直升机飞行后关机程序 3.7 直升机安全须知 时间: 地面课:6月18日,7月2日,7月9日 模拟舱练习:个人与教练商定 真机飞型:组团决定 费用: 1. 直升机地面基础学习及模拟乘坐体验(包含教材) ¥1400 2. 直升机动态模拟舱操控基本练习 ¥1200/次1小时 3. 直升机真机飞行体验 (10分钟驾驶G2直升机) ¥1800/次10分钟 其中2和3 两项是可选内容,根据个人需求报名 新车间会员套餐(包括1-3所有内容)¥4200 如果你对内容有疑问可以邮件咨询Kin [email protected]]]>

CAD入门工作坊 5月22日| Intro to CAD May 22nd

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间屏幕快照 2016-05-20 下午12.49.58 报名参加 Sign Up Time: 13:00 – 16:00, Sunday, May 22th Personal Biography Archarry Lu Hanlin students are “Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute – technology development center,” the parametric design and research team member, who is also in charge of Ascott design lab, a number of articles related papers published digital design, is currently working development make work easier and efficient computing platform. Recently set up a “record-off DreamWorks” series of workshops, and strive to create a fun culture to increase the popularity of creating customer. Workshop Description Are you in trouble for how to turn a novel product solution into a kind? Looking at the complicated operation interface of the modeling software? Come take a look at a “Maker dream factory ”magical tool “Autodesk CAD” tools group, master this set of tools can be in a short time rapid establishment of plane and three-dimensional graphics model the, we can use the data for 3D printing and laser engraving… Is interesting, isn’t it?! Workshop structure: 1, Autodesk CAD Software introduction 2, Explain the tool group 3, planar graphics rendering 4, The establishment of 3D model 5, the use of plug-ins 6, the application of Gallery This workshop can help you: ●Fast and efficient production of planar graphics and three-dimensional model ●experience the sense of achievement dream into reality ●experience the happiness of artistic creation ●The increase of imagination and creativity ●create cool products ●by creating to solve practical problems encountered in life What to expect: The goal of this workshop is help, love for the creation of you through a simple and direct method to design and build the product shape, you can before the imagination of transformers, cartoon image, concept car and household products. Into the actual objects can be used, so that we can be as happy as a magician to create it! Who should enroll: Do you have creative but not yet mastered programming method、Cute kids、Creative people like geek culture、and do you want to own a DIY intelligence products to the relatives and friends of a small partner,as well as all ages full of whimsy friends are fit to participate in this workshop and hands-on creative process will reap unexpected joy and emotion. The speaker of the contact: If you have any questions, you can choose to contact me. WeChat:archarry QQ:514248050 email:[email protected] Telephone:15601786625 Fee: Workshop: RMB 200; RMB 150 for XinCheJian Members. Please send mail to [email protected]]]>