Insect Robot Workshop

April 18th, 2011 § 5 comments


  • 日期:4月24日
  • 时间:下午1点~5点
  • 参加人员:5岁到99岁对机器人有兴趣的小朋友!;-)
  • 需要自己准备笔记本
  • 费用:250 包含下列材料
    • Arduino微控制器板
    • 舵机2个
    • 超音波距离传感器1个
    • 其他机器人结构材料

DSC 8260

DSC 8262

DSC 8264


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§ 5 Responses to Insect Robot Workshop"

  • 冷山说道:


  • nhp说道:

    Thats awesome, i wish i lied to the wife to join..err.. sorry honey, i have an important meeting to run to.. any more planned?

  • Kevin说道:

    Good day
    I am also trying to build an insect bot. My question is how were you able to power the insect bot with only a 9 volt battery. Im strugling just to power an Arduino and one servo.
    Kind regards
    South Africa

    • lionello说道:

      9V should be plenty for Arduino and Servo, but you will drain the battery quickly. It’s better to use 4 AA batteries = 6V.

  • Kevin说道:

    Thank you so much lionello. 4 battries work like a charm.


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