ART Telemetry wireless solution

January 9th, 2011 § 2 comments

Been researching wireless solutions to transmit in real-time sensor and decision information from ART in addition to possibly enabling minimal controls (on/off/behavior switch) and perhaps even wireless firmware updates.

My criteria:
  • Low-cost (<200RMB, preferably <100RMB)
  • Simplex or half-duplex OK
  • Low-bandwidth (>1,200 bit/s)
  • Low-power (<100 mAh)
  • Medium-range (500m-1000m)
  • TTL or SPI interface
One of the main issue is that I cannot find a clear reference to the spectrum allocation in China (The US has a very convenient Frequency Allocations Chart:
I know that 2.4Ghz is good worldwide (such as what the Nordic nRF240L uses) but that has a very limited range (50m-100m). So is Bluetooth and to a certain degree Wifi (and they are pretty expensive too).
There are these:
Last one actually looks better than the Nordic on paper, but from what I gathered the price is pretty high.  I wonder about the price and why I can’t find it on Taobao…

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  • Sam says:

    I’ve used the databridge modules from starman electric (, and they are very easy to setup for this type of application. They wern’t the cheapest, but they worked great and I got them up and running within a few minutes vs a few hours of frustration with other modules. I’m located in Germany, and my order was shipped from the US with no problem. I’m sure they will ship to China too.

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