Hackerspace in Shanghai: Our Maker Neighbors

March 19th, 2011 § 0 comments

XinCheJian’s Neighborhood

I have recently been asked quite a lot of questions about hackerspace, hacker culture and impact of hackerspace in China. This has gotten me starting to think a lot about what it means to run a hackerspace. I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and find anything that’s related to makers. The following pictures are shops with in 500 meters of our new location in Anhua Lu. It’s a typical Shanghai neighborhood and quite interestingly how many maker related shops are around us.

Welding on the street

Bike modding? The guy is attaching a new rack to the back of the bike to carry more goods.

IMG 0373

Window Frame Maker

They got good collection of aluminum windows frame and can cut it to any size we want.

IMG 0376

Glass shop

IMG 0377

Cotton Shop

This is a surprise fouind.

IMG 0378

Lock Smith

IMG 0374

Hardware Store

Quite a collection of home improvement materials

IMG 0379

Home Appliance Repair

Also sell used home appliances. Will for treasure hunt one of these days.

IMG 0380


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