Roboracing Competition – 2011/07/10

July 11th, 2011 § 0 comments

Participants last preparations:

Participants self presentation:


The Winners: Nelson Zhang (Autonomous Wall-E) and Michael Liao (Remote controlled Tank)
A big THANK to Shanda Innovations for sponsoring 2 E-Book readers as prices for the winners!

Roborace Contestants and their Creators:

Thumbs up to all the participants for their great work! Thank you to Shanda Innovations for being our generous sponsor! Thank you to TimeOut magazine for featuring our event! Thank you to DFRobot and RoboticFan particularly Ricky Ye and Rocky for co-organizing this event! Thank you to XinDanWei for promoting our event! Thank you to everyone who visited us yesterday! Thank you to those who cannot come for your mental support! Thank you to Andi for the great poster and flyer design! Thank you to Paul for sponsoring the posters printouts! Thank you to Bindy for helping out on translations and selling drinks! Thank you to Michael for sponsoring his E-book for next competition and buying drinks to the participants! Thank you to John for helping out on event organization! Thank you to Airie for promoting the event on RenRen! Thank you to Min Lin for promoting, coordinating and organizing the event!

We’re planning to have the next Roboracing at the end of August, stay tuned!


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