Pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics competition in Shanghai: April 23

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Pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics competition in Shanghai

Time: Saturday, April 23, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Shanghai American School, Pudong campus

International school team robots will compete in the pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge high school robotics competition, developed by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a U.S. based non-profit. Teams design, build and program robots to compete in an exciting, sports-like challenge. Reaching 250,000 students in grades K to 12 worldwide, FIRST engages students in science and technology learning and leadership and provides an opportunity to apply classroom concepts to ‘real-world’ engineering problems, work on open-ended challenges and create their own solutions. The event is free and open to the public. Contact Paula Joseph at [email protected] for more information.

For more information, contact Shelly Shen at [email protected] 13564738316 or Paula Joseph at [email protected] 18601794144


XinCheJian opening hours

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Rocking with CNC'ed Bamboo Guitar and Vacuum Tube AMP

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Brad Ferguson的数字机床的竹子吉他和真空管的放大器一起摇滚


DSC 7752

IMG 9349

DSC 7754

DSC 7763

照片由LutzDavid 提供。


Opening Speaker profiles: RoboPeak

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非常高兴上海 RoboPeak 机器人研发团队会在 3/26的活动 上为我们带来演说。非常期待。


RoboPeak是国内由一群软件工程师、电子工程师、新媒体艺术家所组成的机器人及相关技术领域的设计研发团队,团队于2009年底创建。 团队致力于民用机器人平台系统、机器人操作系统(ROS)以及相关设备的设计研发,并尝试将日新月异的机器人技术融入人们的日常生活与娱乐当中。同时,我们将尽力为机器人技术在开源硬件、开源软件社区的普及做出贡献。 团队在嵌入式系统、系统级软件/固件、图像识别等领域拥有丰富的经验,拥有独立设计,开发机器人操作系统、相关传感器设备硬件/固件的能力。


Rp intro 001

Rp intro 002

iPad 遥控

Rp intro 005


Hackerspace in Shanghai: Our Maker Neighbors

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XinCheJian’s Neighborhood

I have recently been asked quite a lot of questions about hackerspace, hacker culture and impact of hackerspace in China. This has gotten me starting to think a lot about what it means to run a hackerspace. I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and find anything that’s related to makers. The following pictures are shops with in 500 meters of our new location in Anhua Lu. It’s a typical Shanghai neighborhood and quite interestingly how many maker related shops are around us.

Welding on the street

Bike modding? The guy is attaching a new rack to the back of the bike to carry more goods.

IMG 0373

Window Frame Maker

They got good collection of aluminum windows frame and can cut it to any size we want.

IMG 0376

Glass shop

IMG 0377

Cotton Shop

This is a surprise fouind.

IMG 0378

Lock Smith

IMG 0374

Hardware Store

Quite a collection of home improvement materials

IMG 0379

Home Appliance Repair

Also sell used home appliances. Will for treasure hunt one of these days.

IMG 0380


New Home of Xin Che Jian

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经过在 新单位二楼三个月的孵化后,新车间成长了,要飞了。在安化路和江苏路的老工厂里面找到了一个100平米的新场地,新车间现在真的在工厂里面了。应该在三月底就会装修好。欢迎大家来玩。

Lovely neighborhoold

There are all kind of business around. I am sure we can use them in our making.

IMG 0352

Yes, it’s a real factory (che jian)!

IMG 0363

Let the be light

One big side of the room is full of window.

IMG 0348

Plenty of space

IMG 0346]]>

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