TX-2/RX-2: Heart of the cheap RC Toys from China

January 9th, 2011 § 12 comments

As I was trying to hook up the motor to Arduino, I realized that there wasn’t any H Bridge and it was way too cold to go out and get it. Hmm… I figure there must be some H Bridge on the control board I just rip out of the car. IMG_0216.jpg As I located the two H bridge on the board, I notice the RX-2 chip. Out of curiosity, I decide to google for this chip. To a pleasant surprise, I found RX-2/TX-2 Datasheet in Chinese and guide for exactly the board in the car and remote. IMG_0215.jpg untitled.jpg Decide to replace RX-2 in the car with Arduino so the H-Bridge on board can be reused and the RF for the remote can still work. Still trying to figure out what I am going to do with those remote control signal. A few facts about RX-2/TX-2 chip I found is that the RC frequency can be adjusted by different resistance from 100K to 500K Ohm between OSCI/OSCO pins. untitled.jpg]]>

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  • sajid zaman说道:

    thanks for this, the circuit yoou paste is not clearly seen so plz sir upload this circuit in pdf forment.thanks

  • Weihua Ju说道:

    Sorry for the newbie question: What’s usage of H-Bridge ? Thanks.

    • reyes aryelle l.说道:

      its the transistor switching or biasing to be able to change motor rotation. either forward or reverse

  • fuu说道:

    where you get this ic…? where can i buy?

  • Alan说道:

    Hi. My son has a couple of cheap Chinese RC cars – all with 27Mhz RC transmitter/receivers. On of the cars I checked uses this RX-2 chip and I have a transmitter that uses a 27Mhz crystal. I want to try and replace the transmitter’s crystal for a different frequency and match it up with the receiver circuit of the car so that we don’t interfere with each other when racing together.
    Is it possible to adjust the receiver circuit by just adjusting the OSC resistor on the RX-2 chip to a different resistance value? Or do I have to adjust the components for the RF circuit as well?
    Many thanks. Your post was very helpful so far.

    • reyes aryelle l.说道:

      yes.. resistor in oscillator is for setting up the frequency to be generated.. u must adjust the rx too.

  • Alexandar说道:

    How to create joistyck for RX-2

  • Husham说道:

    datasheet for this ic availiable in below website
    just type RX2 in the search box

  • sampath说道:

    can i get a RC transmeter in 5-10 MHz. thanks

  • Luigi说道:

    Hi. I have two cheap car chinese. I would try to use both together. I have fix one of this with a resistence of 470Kohm in tx and rx. but when i use together, the cars don’t move because there is a interference. Anyone have a suggest to fix it?
    I hope to be clear with my english!


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