Hydroponic Planter: One week after

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The planter built a week ago is doing well on my balcony. Here is the before and after photos.

A week ago


IMG 3302


Building a simple Hydroponic Planter

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把气泡石条固定在底网的地下,感谢Rocket的简易,把出气面朝下,这样可以有效的避免水里面的杂质阻塞气石。 IMG 3220 切了一小段的PVC管,做为水深度的指标,固定在底网上。 IMG 3219 用另外一段的PVC管子来保护气管不被陶粒挤压。 IMG 3221 菜盆这样就准备好了。 IMG 3223 先放把大的陶粒,最后2CM放小的陶粒,最上面小的陶粒的主要用途是固定植物,和防止阳光的热和光传到营养液中,造成营养液温度太高以及绿藻成长。 IMG 3224 混合了15升的营养液,把一些黄瓜,向日葵移植到水耕菜盆里面,打开气泵。 IMG 3227 制作后的感想,建议大家制作的时候,先把大的陶粒放到营养液里面,打开气泵,盖上盖子24小时后,让大的陶粒充分吸收水分,沉淀到底部,再铺上小的陶粒。不然陶粒会在移植的时候漂浮到表面上。 ]]>

1st mini workshop run by Urban Farming Team @ XinCheJian (2012-07-28)

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Oregano Progress on 20120708 / 牛至生长日记 (移植后3周)

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oregano progress 3 weeks after transplant top: 4 best growing in vermiculite base
bottom (from left to right): the best in soil (H=65mm), in perlite (H=67mm), in coconut peat (H=58mm) and in vermiculite (H=95mm),[/caption]]]>

oregano progress on 20120702

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Fogger and Bubble bucket framing system online

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“odor of oregano” progress week 2 (20120618)

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After another one week, we got pretty good seedling with strong roots; transplant was completed this evening with great support from Roger.

More details will be shared on this Wednesday evening XCJ meetup; stay still and get your nose ready 🙂


"odor of oregano" progress week 1 (20120613)

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instead of traditional seedling from seeds, we are trying to grow roots in water and coconut peat bases from fresh oregano plant (stems with leaves). after 1 week, more than 50% oregano has grown its own roots. finding: – oregano grows taller with more leaves in coconut peat than in water,but with less and smaller roots – in the same water base, oregano grows more and roots with lightening compares to those under sunlight.


Urban Farming Lab

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自动水位升降系统 IMG 2913


IMG 2909


IMG 2915


IMG 2882]]>

Aquaponic update from Roger Mu

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Roger Mu who presented his home farm a few weeks ago just sent a few pictures to share. Some pretty nice tomatoes

01302012035 01302012038 01302012037]]>

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